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Glycemic Index Cookbook For Dummies

Meri Raffetto, Rosanne Rust

ISBN: 978-0-470-94905-4 November 2010 384 Pages


Keep a low GI diet with delicious and simple recipes

Using the glycemic index is not only a proven method of losing and maintaining weight safely and quickly, it's also an effective way to prevent the most common diseases of affluence, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Now you can easily whip up meals at home that will help you shed unwanted pounds and stay healthy with the Glycemic Index Cookbook For Dummies.

  • 150 delicious and simple recipes with a glycemic index and glycemic load rating level for each
  • Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, on-the-go, vegetarian, and kid-friendly recipes
  • Full-color insert showcases many of the book's recipes

If you're one of the millions of people looking for a safe, effective, and easy-to-follow diet with proven results, Glycemic Index Cookbook For Dummies has all of the information and recipes that will get you well on the way to a healthier you.


Part I: The Science behind the Glycemic Index Diet.

Chapter 1: What Is the Glycemic Index?

Chapter 2: Surveying the Many Health Benefits of a Low-Glycemic Diet.

Chapter 3: Losing Weight with a Low-Glycemic Diet.

Part II: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle with Low-Glycemic Cooking.

Chapter 4: Using the Glycemic Load to Create Meal-Planning Strategies.

Chapter 5: Getting the Hang of Low-Glycemic Meal Planning.

Chapter 6: Stocking Your Kitchen and Practicing New Cooking Methods.

Chapter 7: Making Your Way around the Grocery Store.

Part III: Serving Up Starters, Snacks, and Sides.

Chapter 8: Beginning Your Day Right with a Healthy Breakfast.

Chapter 9: Whipping Up Some Healthier Baked Goods.

Chapter 10: Satisfying the Munchies with Scrumptious Appetizers and Snacks.

Chapter 11: Warming Up with Soups, Stews, and Chilies.

Chapter 12: Greening Up Your Diet with Salads.

Chapter 13: Reinventing Vegetable Sides the Low-Glycemic Way.

Chapter 14: On the Side: Grains, Pasta, and Potatoes.

Part IV: Making Memorable Main Dishes and Desserts.

Chapter 15: Poultry Dishes That’ll Make People Flock to Your Table.

Chapter 16: Adding Variety with Some Healthy Beef and Pork Entrees.

Chapter 17: Sailing the Sea for Some Sensational Seafood Entrees.

Chapter 18: Going Vegetarian with Some Hearty Entrees.

Chapter 19: Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth the Low-Glycemic Way.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Healthy Choices to Complement a Low-Glycemic Diet.

Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Sticking to a Low-Glycemic Diet during Special Occasions.

Part VI: Appendixes.

Appendix A: The Glycemic Load and Common Foods: An At-a-Glance Guide.

Appendix B: Metric Conversion Guide.