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God Goes to Work: New Thought Paths to Prosperity and Profits



God Goes to Work: New Thought Paths to Prosperity and Profits

Tom Zender

ISBN: 978-0-470-61770-0 March 2010 256 Pages


Your most important business asset is already within you – realize it and capitalize on it

Spirituality is the basis for all successful organizations and the most important asset you have in elevating you and your business to a new level of performance. The most successful individuals and firms in the world are changing the way they do business, in order to access a vast resevoir of untapped energy. You too can join the revolution, because the tools these people are utilizing are found inside each and every one of us. Tom Zender, President Emeritus of Unity – a spiritual organization serving over three million individuals – and veteran corporate executive, reveals simple ways that you can use to find yourself suddenly on the inside edge.

God Goes to Work lays out how the world rediscovered the essence of the most effective transactions and how you can implement these methods into the way you do business. This groundbreaking text gives you practical steps on how, no matter what you believe, you can learn to use your spiritual assets in business to achieve better things with greater ease. You'll discover

  • How to make better, more profitable deals in business.
  • The secret behind the world's most effective managers, executives and leaders, so that you can become one yourself.
  • Simple steps to prepare your organization – no matter the size – to take advantage of the wondrous prospects that await it in this new economy.

The world is finally ready to discover that spirituality is the very basis of all our most profitable business transactions. God Goes to Work gives you the practical roadmap to utilize this amazing, untapped resource for breakthrough business results.

Foreword xi
Deepak Chopra

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xv

About the Author xvii

1 Learn the Secrets of the New Economy, Ensure Your Place at the Top 1

2 Creating More Competitive Companies and a Happier You 27

3 Spirituality and Religion: A Working Perspective 61

4 Spiritual Economics: Company and Community 83

5 Building Spiritual Assets 103

6 The Beginnings of Spiritual Leadership 125

7 A Spiritual Toolkit at Work 141

8 Building Spiritual Transactions 159

9 Spiritual Macroeconomics 173

10 Spiritual Ethics at Work 187

11 The Spiritual Economic Revolution 195

12 Harvesting Spiritual Transactions, Seeding Spiritual Assets 203

Notes 209

References 217

Index 223