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GoldMine For Dummies

GoldMine For Dummies

Joel Scott

ISBN: 978-0-764-50608-6

Mar 2000

384 pages

Select type: Paperback

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GoldMine For Dummies enables you to use GoldMine to manage client relationships and excel in areas of sales, marketing, and customer service like never before. Written in plain English, this book helps you discover the easy way to prospect for customers and mine your contacts:
* Familiarize yourself with GoldMine basics, from navigating the database to setting preferences and default values.
* Organize contacts by understanding screen functions, fields, and notes as well as contact, detail, and referral tabs.
* Get a grip on upcoming events by scheduling activities, and check on those already scheduled.
* Understand GoldMine Filters and Groups, which enable you to send out batches of letters, faxes, and e-mails.
* Use the InfoCenter to store and distribute company information.
* Configure GoldMine for those who travel or for those who manage people who don't work in the main office.

PART I: GoldMine Basics.

Chapter 1: GoldMine: An Overview.

Chapter 2: Getting Around in GoldMine.

Chapter 3: Setting User Preferences.

PART II: Managing Contacts.

Chapter 4: Creating and Viewing Client Records.

Chapter 5: Entering Notes and Secondary Contacts.

Chapter 6: Details and Referrals.

PART III: Managing Activities.

Chapter 7: Scheduling Activities.

Chapter 8: Viewing Scheduled Activities.

Chapter 9: Dealing with and Completing Scheduled Activities.

Chapter 10: Sales Forecasting.

PART IV: Sending and Receiving Correspondence.

Chapter 11: Using Filters and Groups.

Chapter 12: Sending and Receiving E-Mail.

Chapter 13: Faxing Made Simple.

Chapter 14: Linking Documents.

PART V: Distributing Information to Your Team.

Chapter 15: The InfoCenter.

Chapter 16: Literature Fulfillment.

Chapter 17: Graphical and Statistical Analysis.

Chapter 18: The Reporting System.

PART VI: Customizing GoldMine.

Chapter 19: Creating New Labels, Fields, and Views.

Chapter 20: Creating and Modifying Lookup Lists.

Chapter 21: Importing and Exporting Data.

PART VII: Advanced Stuff.

Chapter 22: Opportunity and Project Manager.

Chapter 23: Remote Synchronization.

Chapter 24: Automated Processes.

PART VIII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 25: Ten Add-on Products.

Chapter 26: Ten Outside Resources.

Appendix: Networks, Licenses, and Versions.


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