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Golf Course Tree Management



Golf Course Tree Management

Sharon Lilly

ISBN: 978-1-575-04117-9 January 1999 232 Pages


This the most useful information available to the golf course superintendent, course architect, and manager! It is written specifically for the golf industry, and gives you the tool you need to manage one of your course's most important assets--trees!
Golf Course Tree Management will teach you the basic science, along with real world techniques to assist your in-house tree care program, to guide you in the selection of a qualified arborist and in the writing of comprehensive maintenance specifications. Protect your course's aesthetic beauty, quality of play, investment, and your job--this book shows you how!
1. The Value and Importance of Trees on Golf Courses.

2. Understanding How Tree Grow.

3. Tree vs. Turf.

4. Design and Construction.

5. Planting and Transplanting.

6. Keeping Trees Healthy.

7. Tree Maintenance.

8. Tree Hazard and Liability Issues.

9. Training Your Own Crew.

10. Hiring a Professional Tree Care Company.