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Google+ Marketing For Dummies

Jesse Stay

ISBN: 978-1-118-38143-4 October 2012 336 Pages


Organize customers, craft targeted messages, or host Hangouts with Google?s social network

Google+ is Google's social network that has the social media world abuzz with excitement. With Google tools like YouTube, Picasa, Blogger, and Picnik being integrated with Google+, marketers will find Google+ is the best way to reach the long-time users of Google?s other tools. Google+ expert Jesse Stay shows you how to create and maximize your Google+ presence to connect with your customers.

  • Explains how to sign up for your account and set up your brand profile
  • Shows you how to use Circles, craft targeted messages for the Stream, and add multimedia features to your posts
  • Helps you discover content and the value of the +1 button
  • Shows you how to be mindful of SEO, so that your Google+ brand page can be found
  • Addresses using Google+ to launch a product or promote an event

Confidently enter the exciting new Google+ social neighborhood with Google+ Marketing For Dummies.

Introduction  1

Part I: Seeing How Google+ Benefits Marketers  7

Chapter 1: A Marketer’s Overview 9

Chapter 2: Getting Started with Google+ 25

Chapter 3: Discovering the “Plus” in Google+ 47

Chapter 4: Embracing the “Google” in Google+ 67

Part II: Fishing Where the Fish Are  83

Chapter 5: Outlining Your Strategy and Your Audience 85

Chapter 6: Building Your Google+ Page Presence and Profile 103

Chapter 7: Building a Search Strategy 125

Chapter 8: Focusing on Real People and Relationships 145

Chapter 9: Utilizing Hangouts to Share Your Brand 157

Part III: Going from Fisher to Fish-Farmer  181

Chapter 10: Advertising with Social Ads 183

Chapter 11: Building Relationships Through Google CRM 199

Chapter 12: Building Website Authority 219

Part IV: Taking Google+ Further  239

Chapter 13: Measuring Google+ Activity 241

Chapter 14: Building Apps on Google+ 257

Part V: The Part of Tens  269

Chapter 15: Ten Ways to Add Value to Your Website Using Google+ 271

Chapter 16: Ten Good Google+ Business Practices281

Chapter 17: Ten Rules for Small-Business Success with Google+ 293

Index  303