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Governance, Compliance and Supervision in the Capital Markets, + Website



Governance, Compliance and Supervision in the Capital Markets, + Website

Sarah Swammy, Michael McMaster

ISBN: 978-1-119-38065-8 May 2018 176 Pages


The definitive guide to capital markets regulatory compliance

Governance, Compliance, and Supervision in the Capital Markets demystifies the regulatory environment, providing a practical, flexible roadmap for compliance. Banks and financial services firms are under heavy regulatory scrutiny, and must implement comprehensive controls to comply with new rules that are changing the way they conduct business. This book provides a way forward, with clear, actionable guidance that strengthens governance at all levels, and balances supervisory and compliance requirements with the need to do business. From regulatory schemes to individual roles and responsibilities, this invaluable guide details the most pressing issues in today's financial services organizations, and provides expert advice. The ancillary website provides additional tools and guidance, including checklists, required reading, and sample exercises that help strengthen understanding and ease real-world implementation.

Providing both a broad overview of governance, compliance, and supervision, as well as detailed guidance on application, this book presents a solid framework for firms seeking a practical approach to meeting the new requirements.

  • Understand the importance of governance and "Tone at the Top"
  • Distinguish the roles of compliance and supervision within a financial services organization
  • Delve into the regulatory scheme applicable to broker dealers, banks, and investment advisors
  • Examine the risks and consequences of inadequate supervision at the organizational or individual level

The capital markets regulatory environment is complex and ever-evolving, yet compliance is mandatory. A solid understanding of regulatory structure is critical, but must also be accompanied by a practical strategy for effective implementation. Governance, Compliance, and Supervision in the Capital Markets provides both, enabling today's banks and financial services firms to get back on track and get back to business.

Preface vi

Acknowledgments vii

About the Authors ix

CHAPTER 1 Capital Markets Participants, Products, and Functions 1

CHAPTER 2 How the Financial Crisis Reshaped the Industry 23

CHAPTER 3 Governance 33

CHAPTER 4 Overview: Capital Markets Compliance 57

CHAPTER 5 Overview: Supervision 89

CHAPTER 6 Central Role of Finance and Operations 99
Ian J. Combs, Esq.

CHAPTER 7 Cyber Risk Role in Governance Model and Compliance Framework 129
Alexander Abramov

About the Companion Website 157

Index 159