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Governance, Risk Management, Financial Regulation and Compliance: An Integrated Approach

Governance, Risk Management, Financial Regulation and Compliance: An Integrated Approach

D. G. Driver

ISBN: 978-1-118-39136-5

Jun 2020

224 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Governance, Risk Management, Financial Regulation, and Compliance is an advanced, real-world guide to understanding and tackling the myriad challenges of the financial sector. With an integrated approach to the four key interrelated topics, this book marries academic rigour with practical understanding to set out a theoretical context as a background upon which to juxtapose realistic case studies and examples. Readers are encouraged to adopt a "big picture" view, and think beyond ratio calculation and price instruments to recognise the impact that financial firms and their actions have on stakeholders and the society in which such firms operate. With guidance toward managing strategy, risk, regulation, and compliance, this book provides a level of coverage rarely found in current literature.

Books on these issues generally fall at either end of the spectrum – either focused, detailed, single-issue texts, or vague, mainstream guides to the financial crisis. This book spans the entire spectrum, combining the two extremes to present a comprehensive approach to the interlinked problems at the heart of the financial sector's challenges.

  • Understand the nature of financial intermediations and the functions, objectives, and strategic choices for each sector
  • Examine the oversight of financial firms with a taxonomy of key risks and coverage of risk appetite
  • Review the basis for financial regulation, with historical context and the legal basis for regulatory practice
  • Explore the practicalities of Basel 2, Dodd-Frank, Solvency 2, UCITS, MIFIC, TCF, corporate codes of governance, and more

The financial crisis has made it clear that those at the top of the sector need a better understanding of the issues they face. With complete coverage and practical solutions, this book provides thorough information and expert insight on Governance, Risk Management, Financial Regulation, and Compliance.