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Grammatical Disorders in Aphasia: A Neuro-Linguistic Perspective


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Grammatical Disorders in Aphasia: A Neuro-Linguistic Perspective

Roelien Bastiaanse, Yosef Grodzinsky

ISBN: 978-1-861-56135-0 August 1999 234 Pages


Speech and language research for Broca's aphasia and more

Grammatical Disorders in Aphasia: A Neurolinguistic Perspective reviews research by leading authorities to examine the relationships between language and the brain. Beginning with a comprehensive overview of linguistic theory and the neurolinguistic perspective, the following pages cover language perception and speech production after a variety of brain injuries. Topics include semantic composition, linguistic representation, verb finding, moving verbs, verb complexity and more, painting a comprehensive picture of language in the agrammatic patient.

An introduction to syntax.

The processing of long distance dependencies in normal listeners: Evidence for form-driven activation.

Neuroanatomical organization of sentential processing operations: evidence from aphasia on the (modular) processing of discontinuous dependencies.

Semantic composition: processing parameters and neuroanatomical considerations.

Syntactic displacement in Broca's agrammatic aphasia.

Levels of linguistic representation in Broca's aphasia: implicitness and referentiality of arguments.

Verb finding problems in Broca's aphasia: the influence of transitivity.

Effect of verb complexity on agrammatic aphasics.

Sentence production.

Moving verbs in agrammatic production.

Verb retrieval, verb inflection and negation in agrammatic aphasia.

A clinical assessment of verbs in an aggrammatic patient.