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Graph Coloring Problems

Graph Coloring Problems

Tommy R. Jensen, Bjarne Toft

ISBN: 978-1-118-03074-5 October 2011 320 Pages




Contains a wealth of information previously scattered in research journals, conference proceedings and technical reports. Identifies more than 200 unsolved problems. Every problem is stated in a self-contained, extremely accessible format, followed by comments on its history, related results and literature. The book will stimulate research and help avoid efforts on solving already settled problems. Each chapter concludes with a comprehensive list of references which will lead readers to original sources, important contributions and other surveys.
Planar Graphs.

Graphs on Higher Surfaces.


Critical Graphs.

The Conjectures of Hadwiger and Hajos.

Sparse Graphs.

Perfect Graphs.

Geometric and Combinatorial Graphs.



Edge Colorings.

Orientations and Flows.

Chromatic Polynomials.


Infinite Chromatic Graphs.

Miscellaneous Problems.