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Great Jobs for Everyone 50+: Finding Work That Keeps You Happy and Healthy ... And Pays the Bills

Great Jobs for Everyone 50+: Finding Work That Keeps You Happy and Healthy ... And Pays the Bills

Kerry E. Hannon

ISBN: 978-1-118-22837-1

Aug 2012

320 pages


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The how-to guide to finding profitable, fulfilling work after 50 

Aimed at workers aged 50+ looking for a new job—whether they have been laid off or taken early retirement, need supplemental income, or want to pursue an encore career—Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ is the definitive guide to finding lasting financial security and personal and professional fulfillment. Opportunities abound—the trick is knowing where to look and what to expect. Whether readers are interested in trying jobs they've long dreamed of doing, or just want something with flexible hours that brings in a little extra income, this book covers all the options. 

As Americans live longer and healthier lives, the desire to work longer—for the income, the mental engagement, or the chance to give back—has grown. But there is little guidance for the 50+ crowd looking for work and few role models who've blazed a path. In Great Jobs for Everyone 50+, author and personal finance, retirement, and career transitions expert Kerry Hannon shows the way, with compelling stories from people who've been there. Presenting the nitty-gritty details of available job opportunities, wages to expect, typical hours, and the qualifications and savvy needed to get hired, the book is loaded with practical advice on how to prepare both professionally and financially to start out on a new adventure. 

  • Shows where the best opportunities for new employment lie
  • Helps readers find profitable and rewarding jobs to save for retirement
  • Understands that different workers want different things from their jobs and shows how to cast a wide net to find an opportunity that fits
  • Provides incredible insights into working after 50 from Kerry Hannon, a nationally renowned expert in personal finance, retirement, and career transitions

Motivational, inspirational, and thoroughly practical, Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ explains how to find part-time, temporary, work-at-home, or seasonal employment in profitable, rewarding jobs.

Introduction xi

Part I Great Jobs

Chapter 1 Great Part-Time Jobs 3

Chapter 2 Great Seasonal Jobs 21

Chapter 3 Great Holiday Jobs 35

Chapter 4 Great Snowbird Jobs 49

Chapter 5 Great Work-at-Home Jobs 61

Chapter 6 Great Jobs for Retired Teachers 81

Chapter 7 Great Nonprofit Jobs 91

Chapter 8 Great Health Care Jobs 99

Chapter 9 Great Night Jobs 111

Chapter 10 Great Jobs to Ride the Age Wave 119

Part II The Great Jobs Workshop

Chapter 11 How to Plan for a Second Career 133

Chapter 12 Strategies for 50+ Job Hunters 145

Chapter 13 Tips for a Great Resume 161

Chapter 14 Job Hunting and Social Media 165

Chapter 15 Great Job Interview Tips 173

Chapter 16 Why Part-Time or Contract Work is Worth It 181

Chapter 17 How to Prepare for Nonprofit Work 187

Chapter 18 Volunteer Your Way to a Job 195

Chapter 19 Be Your Own Boss 203

Chapter 20 How to Find a Mentor 219

Chapter 21 The Best Retirement Plans for the Self-Employed 227

Chapter 22 Paying for Your Career Shift Education 233

Chapter 23 How to Write Off Your Job Hunt 239

Chapter 24 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Career Change 245

Chapter 25 Best Places to Find a Job 251

Chapter 26 Couples and Career Harmony 259

Afterword 265

Helpful Web Sites for 50+ Workers 267

Ideas for Further Reading 273

Acknowledgments 277

About the Author 281

Index 283

“It's not enough anymore to know what you want to be when you grow up. You also need to think about what you want to do next, and after that, and then during retirement, too. Fortunately, a thick brainstorm of a book by Kerry Hannon, Great Jobs for Everyone 50+, can help job-seeking baby boomers -- and those right on their heels -- find work that, as the subtitle puts it, keeps them happy, healthy and able to pay the bills…. It's a lot of ground to cover, but Hannon's practical, empowering book is an all-encompassing career resource for older workers in a variety of life situations.”—USA Today