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Greek Civilization: An Introduction



Greek Civilization: An Introduction

Brian A Sparkes

ISBN: 978-0-631-20558-6 February 1998 Wiley-Blackwell 368 Pages


It covers all the major themes of Ancient Greek history, set in the context of both the preceding and following periods.
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Part I: Landscape, Seascape:.

1. The Physical Background: Friedrich Sauerwein (Modautal, Germany).

Part II: The March of the Past:.

2. The Human Foreground: Robin Barber (University of Edinburgh).

3. The Bronze Age Palace Societies: Oliver Dickinson (University of Durham).

4. Archaic into Classical: Graham Shipley (University of Leicester).

5. Greek Kings and Roman Emperors: Helen Parkins and Graham Shipley (Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge and University of Leicester).

Part III: Classical Mosaic:.

6. The Greek Countryside: Lin Foxhall (University of Leicester).

7. Politics and Public Life: the Urban Scene: Nick Fisher (University of Wales, Cardiff).

8. Greek Religious Practices: Robert Parker (New College, University of Oxford).

9. The Spoken and the Written Word: Kenneth Dover (University of St Andrews).

10. Examining Life: Edward Hussey (All Souls, University of Oxford).

11. Trades and Crafts: Alison Burford.

12. Architecture and Sculpture: Olga Palagia (University of Athens).

13. Crafts in the Private Sphere: Brian Sparkes (University of Southampton).

14. Women in Classical Athens: Sue Blundell (Birkbeck College, University of London).

15. Sex in Classical Athens: Brian Sparkes (University of Southampton).

Part IV: Continuity and Change:.

16. The Christian Millennium: Averil Cameron (Keble College, University of Oxford).

17. The Ottoman Centuries: Malcom Wagstaff (University of Southampton).

18. After Independence: Richard Clogg (St Antony's College, University of Oxford).

19. The Greek Legacy: Michael Greenhalgh (The Australian National University).



* An ideal introduction to classical Greece, its origins and legacy.
* Comprises nineteen chapters written by a distinguished group of international scholars.
* Covers all aspects of Ancient Greek civilization: geography, economy, architecture, literature, philosophy and the role of women.
* Includes numerous photos, drawings, maps and a timeline.