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Greek Sculpture

Greek Sculpture

Mark D. Fullerton

ISBN: 978-1-119-11531-1 March 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 384 Pages




Greek Sculpture presents a chronological overview of the plastic and glyptic art forms in the ancient Greek world from the emergence of life-sized marble statuary at the end of the seventh century BC to the appropriation of Greek sculptural traditions by Rome in the first two centuries AD.

  • Compares the evolution of Greek sculpture over the centuries to works of contemporaneous Mediterranean civilizations
  • Emphasizes looking closely at the stylistic features of Greek sculpture, illustrating these observations where possible with original works rather than copies
  • Places the remarkable progress of stylistic changes that took place in Greek sculpture within a broader social and historical context
  • Facilitates an understanding of why Greek monuments look the way they do and what ideas they were capable of expressing
  • Focuses on the most recent interpretations of Greek sculptural works while considering the fragile and fragmentary evidence uncovered

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List of Illustrations ix

Preface xxv

1 Beginnings and Before: Greek Sculpture in the Iron Age (circa 1000–600) 1

2 The Search for Order: Sculptural Schemata and Regional Styles (circa 600–550) 23

3 Free-Standing Sculpture in the Later Sixth Century: Style and Panhellenism (circa 550–500) 46

4 Sixth-Century Architectural Sculpture 68

5 The Change to Classical: Democratic Athens and the Persian Conflict (circa 500–460) 89

6 The Temple of Zeus at Olympia: Panhellenism and the Early Classical (circa 470–450) 112

7 Classical Moment I: The Parthenon, Pericles, and the Power of Persuasion (circa 450–430) 135

8 Classical Moment II: Sculptors and Statuary in the Mid]Fifth Century 160

9 Unfinished Business: Pericles’ Programs and the Archidamian War (circa 430–420) 183

10 An Attic Tragedy: The Fall of Athens and the Transition to Late Classical (circa 420–390) 203

11 Idealism and Individuality I: Late Classical Architectural Sculpture (circa 390–330) 226

12 Idealism and Individuality II: Late Classical Statuary and Relief Sculpture (circa 390–330) 247

13 Sculpture in Hellenistic Greece I: The Rise of Macedon and the Kingdoms of the Diadochs (circa 330–200) 270

14 Sculpture in Hellenistic Greece II: Greek Styles and Roman Taste (circa 200–50) 293

Glossary 317

References 322

Further Reading 323

Timeline: History 331

Timeline: Architectural Sculpture 334

Timeline: Freestanding Sculpture 336

Timeline: Literature/Philosophy 340

Index 342