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Green Communications: Principles, Concepts and Practice



Green Communications: Principles, Concepts and Practice


This book provides a comprehensive view of green communications considering all areas of ICT including wireless and wired networks.  It analyses particular concepts and practices, addressing holistic approaches in future networks considering a system perspective.  It makes full use of tables, illustrations, performance graphs, case studies and  examples making it accessible for a wide audience.

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1. Introduction

2. Fundamentals: Categorization of Green Communication concepts

3. Fundamentals: Energy Efficiency Metrics and Performance Tradeoffs of Green Wireless networks Trade-offs and metrics of green communication

4. Fundamentals: Embodied energy of communication devices

5. Wireless: Energy efficient Base stations

6. Wireless: Network design and planning

7. Wireless: Green Radio

8. Wireless: Network management

9. Wireless: Home and Enterprise Networks

10. Wireless: Towards Delay Tolerant Cognitive Cellular Networks

11. Wireless: Green MTC, M2M, Internet of Things

12. Wireless: Energy Saving standardization in Mobile and Wireless Communication Systems

13. Wireline: Routing, Switching and Transport

14. Wireline: Energy Efficient Ethernet

15. Wireline: Green Optical Networks

16. Wireline: Energy Efficient Networking in Modern Data Center

17. Wireline: SDN-Enabled Energy-Efficient Network Management

18. Wireline: Energy Efficiency Protocol Design

19. Wireline: Energy Efficiency benefits due to Information Centric Networking

20. Wireline: Energy Efficient Standards for Wireline Communications

21. Conclusion