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Green Engineering and Reliability

Green Engineering and Reliability

James McLinn, John Cooper

ISBN: 978-1-119-26106-3

Sep 2019

400 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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This book reflects the growing higher reliability requirement for the green design process (low energy consumed and low pollutants created).  Longer and more robust reliability testing is required to insure any product, software or service will have the high reliability and availability combined with low service costs and low impact to society needed for the future. Green reliability includes proper disposal of products at the end of life. The TOC is comprised of: Ch. 1 What is Green Reliability?/Ch.2. Reliability tools for Green/Ch.3. Solar Power/Ch.4. Wind Power and Wind Generators/Ch.5. Power Grids will become more Reliable and Green/Ch.6. Smart Cars and Transportation/Ch.7. Smart Home will become Reliable, Green and Efficient/Ch.8. Green Reliability Challenges/Ch.9. Reliable Computers as a Green Tool/ Ch.10. Space and Aerospace should be Green and Reliable.