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Green Oxidation in Organic Synthesis

Green Oxidation in Organic Synthesis

Ning Jiao, Shannon S. Stahl

ISBN: 978-1-119-30416-6

Apr 2020

464 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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This book provides a comprehensive introduction and overview of chemicals preparation by green oxidative processes, an entry point to the growing journal literature on green oxidation in organic synthesis. It discusses both experimental and theoretical approaches for the study of new catalysts and new methods for catalytic oxidation and selective oxidation.
The unique aspect of this book is its focus on green oxidation, including the discovery of new reactions and new catalysts in recent years, mechanistic insights into the green oxidative processes, as well as the applications in organic synthesis which have significant potential to have a major impact in academia and industry. The book consists of 18 chapters demonstrating interesting achievements for functional group formation by green oxidative processes with O2, H2O2, photocatalytic oxidation, electrochemical oxidation, and enzymatic oxidation, with the mechanisms of these novel transformations clearly illustrated.