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Green Processes: Designing Safer Chemicals, Volume 9


The shift towards being as environmentally-friendly as possible has resulted in the need for this important reference on the topic of designing safer chemicals. Edited by the leading international experts in the field, this volume covers such topics as toxicity, reducing hazards and biochemical pesticides.
An essential resource for anyone wishing to gain an understanding of the world of green chemistry, as well as for chemists, environmental agencies and chemical engineers.

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The Design of Safer Chemicals: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives
Differential Toxicity Characterization of Green Alternative Chemicals
Understanding Mechanisms of Metabolic Transformations as a Tool for Designing Safer Chemicals
Structural and Toxic Mechanism-Based Approaches to Designing Safer Chemicals
Informing Substitution to Safer Alternatives
Design of Safer Chemicals -
Ionic Liquids
Designing Safer Organocatalysts -
What Lessons Can Be Learned When the Rebirth of an Old Research Area Coincides with the Advent of Green Chemistry?
Life-Cycle Concepts for Sustainable Use of Engineered Nanomaterials in Nanoproducts
Greener Chelating Agents
Improvements to the Environmental Performance of Synthetic-Based Drilling Muds
Biochemical Pesticides: Green Chemistry Designs by Nature
Property-Based Approaches to Design Rules for Reduced Toxicity
Reducing Carcinogenicity and Mutagenicity Through Mechanism-Based Molecular Design of Chemicals
Reducing Ecotoxicity
Designing for Non-Persistence
Reducing Physical Hazards: Encouraging Inherently Safer Production
Interaction of Chemicals with the Endocrine System