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Ground Control and Improvement



Ground Control and Improvement

Petros P. Xanthakos, Lee W. Abramson, Donald A. Bruce

ISBN: 978-0-471-55231-4 May 1994 936 Pages


A comprehensive compilation concerned with a variety of modern methods being used worldwide to improve soil and rock conditions supporting new and remedial construction. Ground water lowering and drainage techniques, soil compaction, excavation support methods, permeation and jet grouting are among the many topics discussed. More than 100 tables and 650 figures illustrate the text.
Groundwater Lowering and Drainage Techniques (L. Abramson).

Underpinning (P. Xanthakos).

Excavation Support Methods (P. Xanthakos).

Soil Compaction and Consolidation (L. Abramson).

In Situ Ground Reinforcement (L. Abramson).

Small-Diameter Cast-in-Place Elements for Load-Bearing and In SituEarth Reinforcement (D. Bruce).

Permeation Grouting (D. Bruce).

Jet Grouting (D. Bruce).

Rehabilitation of Aging Rock Slopes (L. Abramson).

Vertical Screens (P. Xanthakos).

Artificial Ground Freezing (P. Xanthakos).