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Groundwater Hydraulics

Joseph Rosenshein (Editor), Gordon D. Bennett (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66572-5 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 407 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Water Resources Monograph Series, Volume 9.

John Ferris's research has covered a broad range of hydrologic problems in groundwater, including pollution, storage, recharge, and pumping of groundwater; drainage design; hydraulics of aquifer systems; saltwater encroachment; and application of geophysics to groundwater development. These contributions have been made as a researcher and teacher of national and international renown during a career that has lasted more than four decades. During these four decades, the methodologies for application of hydraulics to solving groundwater problems have continued to evolve and improve. The development of aquifer test techniques and analytical solutions been coemonplace in the 1950's, 1960's, and early 1970's have increasingly been supplemented by the use of numerical methods and automated parameter estimation techniques.

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Optimum Location of a Well Near a Stream 
Edwin P. Weeks and Charles A. Appel  4

Analysis of Sedimentary Skeletal Deformation in a Confined Aquifer and the Resulting Drawdown
D. C. Helm  29

Averaged Regional Land Subsidence Equations for Artesian Aquifers
J. Bear and M. Y. Corapcioglu  83

Multiple-Well Systems in Layered Soils
Shragga Irmay  108

Unsteady Drawdown i n the Presence of a Linear Discontinuity  I25
Paul R. Fenske  125

Analysis of Constant Discharge Wells by Numerical Inversion of Laplace Transform Solutions
Allen Moench and Akio Ogata  146

Pumping Test Analysis i n Frhctured Aquifer Formations: State of the Art and Some Perspectives
C . Sauveplane  171

Field Test f o r Effective Porosity and Dispersivity in Fractured Dolomite, the WIPP, Southeastern New Mexico 
D. D. Gonzalez and H. W. Bentley  207

Direct Calculation of Aquifer Parameters i n Slug Test Analysis 
V. Nguyen and G. F. Pinder  222


Pressure Transient Analysis for Hot Water Geothermal Wells
S. K. Garg and J. W. Pritchett  242

Aquifer Tes t ing f o r Thermal Energy Storage
A. David Parr, Fred J. Molz, and Joel G. Melville  256


Analytical Groundwater Modeling With Programmable Calculators and Hand-Held Computers
William C. Walton  298

Numerical Treatment of Leaky Aquifers in the Short-Time Range
Benito Chen and Ismael Herrera  313

Groundwater Modeling of Detailed Systems Particularly in Fractured Rock
B. E. Skibitzke and Justin M. Turner  328

On the Formulation of Models Based on the Average Characteristics of a Heterogeneous Aquifer
Rillel Rubin and Bent A. Christensen  344

A Galerkin-Finite Element Two-Dimensional Transport Model of Groundwater Restoration for the InSitu Solution of Mining of Uranium 
James W. Warner and Daniel K. Sunada   368

A Unified Approach t o Regional Groundwater Management
Robert Willis  392