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Group Development, 2nd Edition, Revised

Group Development, 2nd Edition, Revised

Leland P. Bradford (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-883-90144-1 May 1978 Pfeiffer 234 Pages


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This classic collection of readings on group development includespieces on group practice and major research reports that you'llfind useful as course content in many training sessions. You willget a powerfully usable sense of group dynamics through thecombination of "what to look for" and "what to do" articles."[Groupmembers must be] aware of and sensitive to the fluctuating forceswithin the group, or their actions will in all probability beinappropriate."
--Leland P. Bradford, author

Articles include "Functional Roles of Group Members," "ImprovingDecision-Making with Groups," "Stereotypes and the Growth ofGroups," and "Trust and Managerial Problem Solving." Among theleading contributors to this essential resource are Warren Bennis,Alvin Zander, Gordon Lippitt, and Leland Bradford himself.Learn allabout:
* Functional roles of group members
* Diagnosis and solving problems within groups
* Trust and managerial problem-solving . . . and more!


Group Formation and Development.

A Theory of Group Development.

Group Dynamic and the Individual.

Functional Roles of Group Members.

How to Diagnose Group Problems.

Improving Decision-Making with Groups.

The Case of the Hidden Agenda.

Stereotypes and the Growth of Groups.

The Group as a Growing Organism.

Applying a Group Development Model to Managing a Class.



Informal Communication in Small Groups.

Task Roles and Social Roles in Problem-Solving Groups.

Personal Goals and the Group's Goals for the Member.

Trust and Managerial Problem Solving.

Assets and Liabilities in Group Problem Solving: The Need for anIntegrative Function.

Small Group Behavior: A Selective Bibliography.