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Group Processes and Intergroup Relations

Group Processes and Intergroup Relations

Rhiannon Turner, Randsley de Moura, Tim Hopthrow, Richard J. Crisp

ISBN: 978-1-405-18318-5

Oct 2018

320 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Group Processes and Intergroup Relations is a contemporary, accessible introduction to the social psychological study of groups. Covering international research, both classic and cutting edge, this dynamic new textbook forms a complete and coherent course in this field. Coverage moves from defining groups and their formation, to group performance and leadership, to crowd behaviour and prosocial behaviour.  The authors give a broad perspective on groups, from discussions of group performance and social influence to representations of social categories and stereotypes, prejudice and intergroup discrimination, stigmatization and social exclusion. Concluding chapters focus on developing interventions for improving intergroup relations and discuss ways of thinking about groups in societies and across cultures, encompassing multiculturalism and diversity.

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1: Groups, Definition and Formation

2: Group Performance

3: Leadership

4: Crowd Behaviour 

5: Social Influence

6: Prosocial Behaviour

7: Social Categorization

8: Prejudice and Discrimination

9: Stigmatization and Social Exclusion

10: Prejudice Reduction: Stereotype Change and Categorization

11: Intergroup Contact

12: Multiculturalism and Diversity

- Offers thorough analysis of the topics, issues, debates and controversies

- Encourages critical evaluation of the theories and methods to develop students' knowledge and understanding

- Makes use of historic and current events to give research context and relevance

- Features a range of supportive pedagogy to facilitate teaching and learning

- Covers both classic studies and cutting edge research

- Coverage includes newer influences such as the effects of the internet on group processes, research on stereotype threat, and the impact of ostracism and social exclusion

- Endorsed by the British Psychological Society

- Supported by a companion website with a range of resources for students and teachers