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Group Therapy Homework Planner

Group Therapy Homework Planner

Louis J. Bevilacqua

ISBN: 978-0-471-41822-1

Jan 2002

304 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Help clients in group therapy develop the skills they need to work through problems

Group Therapy Homework Planner provides you with an array of ready-to-use, between-session assignments designed to help clients in group therapy. This easy-to-use sourcebook features:
  • 79 ready-to-copy exercises covering the most common issues encountered in group therapy
  • A quick-reference format—the interactive assignments are grouped by behavioral problem, such as anxiety, bulimia, chemical dependence, and depression
  • Expert guidance on how and when to make the most efficient use of the exercises
  • Assignments that are cross-referenced to The Group Therapy Treatment Planner—so you can quickly identify the right exercise for a given situation or behavioral problem
  • A computer disk that contains all the exercises in a word-processing format—allowing you to customize them to suit you and your clients' unique styles and needs
Series Preface.



SECTION I?Adult Children of Alcoholics.

Exercise I.A What?s My Role?

Exercise I.B What Can I Control? What Do I Need?

Exercise I.C We?re Not Supposed to Talk about That!

SECTION II?Agoraphobia/Panic.

Exercise II.A When Is This Going to Happen?

Exercise II.B Breaking My Panic Cycle.

Exercise II.C Facing Fears?Part One.

Exercise II.D Facing Fears?Part Two.

SECTION III?Anger Control Problems.

Exercise III.A Anger Log.

Exercise III.B Is It Anger or Aggression?

Exercise III.C Go Blow Out Some Candles.

Exercise III.D My Safe Place.


Exercise IV.A What Happens When I Feel Anxious?

Exercise IV.B What Else Can I Say or Do?

Exercise IV.C Beating Self-Defeating Beliefs.

SECTION V?Assertiveness Deficit.

Exercise V.A Is It Passive, Aggressive, or Assertive?

Exercise V.B It?s Okay to Be Assertive.


Exercise VI.A Am I Hungry?

Exercise VI.B I Need to Get Control.

Exercise VI.C What Am I Thinking?

Exercise VI.D Is It Good Food or Bad Food? Should It Matter That Much?

SECTION VII?Caregiver Burnout.

Exercise VII.A Being a Caregiver Makes Me Feel....

Exercise VII.B This Is for Me and That?s Okay.

Exercise VII.C What Drawer Does This Belong In?

SECTION VIII?Chemical Dependence.

Exercise VIII.A I Use Because....

Exercise VIII.B What to Do Instead of Using.

Exercise VIII.C My Road Map to Recovery.

SECTION IX?Child Sexual Molestation.

Exercise IX.A This Is What Happened.

Exercise IX.B This Is What I Did.

Exercise IX.C I?m Changing the Way I Think.

Exercise IX.D Stop! Rewind! And Start Again.

SECTION X?Chronic Pain.

Exercise X.A Aah! Relief, Written and Directed by.

(Write in Your Name).

Exercise X.B I Can Get through This.

SECTION XI?Codependence.

Exercise XI.A I?m Not in Kansas Anymore.

Exercise XI.B I Feel....

SECTION XII?Depression.

Exercise XII.A What Do Others Value about Me?

Exercise XII.B My Feelings Journal.

Exercise XII.C Taking Charge of Your Thoughts.

Exercise XII.D There?s Always a Sunrise.

SECTION XIII?Domestic Violence Offenders.

Exercise XIII.A When Do I Need a Break?

Exercise XIII.B Now Is When I Need a Break.

Exercise XIII.C I Can Have Feelings, Too.

SECTION XIV?Domestic Violence Survivors.

Exercise XIV.A What I Give and What I Get.

Exercise XIV.B What If ...?

Exercise XIV.C Thoughts about This Relationship.

SECTION XV?Grief/Loss Unresolved.

Exercise XV.A Farewell, until We Meet Again.

Exercise XV.B Moving On.


Exercise XVI.A How Am I Doing?

Exercise XVI.B Why Me?

SECTION XVII?Incest Offenders?Adult.

Exercise XVII.A Through the Eyes of a Child.

Exercise XVII.B Stress and Trigger Journal.

Exercise XVII.C My Letter of Apology.

SECTION XVIII?Incest Survivors?Adult.

Exercise XVIII.A My Story.

Exercise XVIII.B What I Need to Tell You.

SECTION XIX?Infertility.

Exercise XIX.A Being a Parent Means....

Exercise XIX.B What If We Have a Child Some Other Way?

SECTION XX?Parenting Problems.

Exercise XX.A Working from the Same Page.

Exercise XX.B What?s the Message I Am Giving?

What?s the Message I Mean?

Exercise XX.C Compliments Jar.

Exercise XX.D What Are My Choices?

SECTION XXI?Phobias?Specific/Social.

Exercise XXI.A I Can Picture It.

Exercise XXI.B How Does This Happen?

Exercise XXI.C Let?s Float with It.

Exercise XXI.D I Can Do This.

SECTION XXII?Rape Survivors.

Exercise XXII.A Sharing My Story.

Exercise XXII.B Changing My Faulty Thinking.

Exercise XXII.C What I Feel and What I Think.

SECTION XXIII?Separation and Divorce.

Exercise XXIII.A Talking to the Children 228 Exercise XXIII.B We Need to Agree.

Exercise XXIII.C Saying Good-bye and Saying Hello.


Exercise XXIV.A Three Key Ingredients to Positive Social Interactions.

Exercise XXIV.B What Comes after ""Hi""?

SECTION XXV?Single Parents.

Exercise XXV.A Single Parenting?Pro or Con?

Exercise XXV.B What Do I Do Now?

SECTION XXVI?Toxic Parent Survivors.

Exercise XXVI.A I Am Getting Rid of These Old Tapes?Part One.

Exercise XXVI.B I Am Getting Rid of These Old Tapes?Part Two.


Exercise XXVII.A Where?s My Tension?

Exercise XXVII.B When I Feel Tension/Stress I Can....

SECTION XXVIII?Vocational Stress.

Exercise XXVIII.A What Else Can I Do to Make Things Better?

Exercise XXVIII.B How I Will Get What I Want.

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