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Guidelines for Process Equipment Reliability Data, with Data Tables



Guidelines for Process Equipment Reliability Data, with Data Tables

CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety)

ISBN: 978-0-470-93834-8 September 2010 328 Pages


The book supplements Guidelines for Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Analysis by providing the failure rate data needed to perform a chemical process quantitative risk analysis.




1. Introduction.

1.1 Background.

1.2 Guidelines Purpose, Scope and Organization.

1.3 Use of This Guidelines.

2. Equipment Failure Rate Data.

2.1 Sources and Types of Failure Rate Data.

2.2 Failure Model.

2.3 Taxonomy.

2.4 Confidence and Tolerance.

2.5 Sources of Variation in Failure Rates.

2.6 Time-Related and Demand-Related Failure Causes.

2.7 Using Failure Rate Data.


3. CCPS Taxonomy.

3.1 CCPS Taxonomy Structure.

3.2 CCPS Taxonomy Development.

3.3 The CCPS Taxonomy and Its Use.


4. Data Bases, Sources, and Studies.

4.1 Data Resource Selection.

4.2 Data Resource Presentation.

4.3 Process Equipment Data Bases.

4.4 Process Equipment Data Sources.

4.5 Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Assessments (CPQRAs).

4.6 Nonprocess Equipment Data Bases.

4.7 Nonprocess Equipment Data Sources.

4.8 Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRAs).

5. CCPS Generic Failure Rate Data Base.

5.1 Data Selection.

5.2 Data Treatment.

5.3 Data Table Presentation.

5.4 Use of the CCPS Generic Failure Rate Data Base.

5.5 CCPS Generic Data Tables.

6. Collection and Conversion of Plant-Specific Data.

6.1 Data Sources.

6.2 Data Collection.

6.3 Data Review and Qualification.

6.4 Data Conversion.

6.5 Statistical Treatment.


7. Failure Rate Data Transfer.

8. Supplemental References.

Appendix A. CCPS Generic Failure Rate Data Base Taxonomy.

Appendix B. Equipment Index.

Appendix C. Matrix of Data Elements in Data Resources.

Appendix D. Unreviewed Data Bases, Data Sources, and Studies.