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Guiding Change Journeys: A Synergistic Approach to Organization Transformation

Guiding Change Journeys: A Synergistic Approach to Organization Transformation

Rebecca Chan Allen

ISBN: 978-0-787-95711-7 September 2001 Pfeiffer 272 Pages


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Guiding Change Journeys, a title in The Practicing Organization Development Series, takes you on a cross-cultural odyssey of personal and organization transformation. Inspired by science, mythology, and real-life lessons, this hands-on resource offers eight compelling transformation cycles that will help you connect with the universal creative spirit within and around us. Each of the change cycles focuses on a specific practice in global organization development (OD) and gives you the insights and methods to guide transformation through uncharted territory. By applying the book's eight practices--awakening, pathfinding, adventuring, dancing with dragons, compassion, epiphany, synergy, and community--you can effect powerful change.

Author Rebecca Chan Allen tells stories of change leaders and facilitators, confronted by business volatility and organization diversity, who use timeless techniques to transform impasse into innovation and conflicts into creativity. Guiding Change Journeys invites you to embrace the unknown and venture into new territory with clarity and confidence.

"Rebecca Chan Allen has created an exciting road map for a journey of change. Her landscape is complete with dragons, deep pits, and pathfinders to stimulate both the guide and the process of organization change."
--T. Don Stacy, corporate director, Noble Affiliates, Hydril Co, AEC Ltd, and Agrium; former chair, Amoco Canada and Amoco Eurasia

List of Tables, Figures, and Exhibits

Foreword to the Series

Introduction to the Series

Statement of the Board



Introduction 1

1. The Arts of Practicing Change 11

2. Guiding Organization Change Journeys 27

3. Inertia and Awakening 51

4. Call and Pathfinding 63

5. Jump and Adventuring 83

6. Trials and Dancing with Dragons 101

7. Dissolution and Compassion 121

8. Discovery and Epiphany 147

9. Integration and Synergy 167

10. Application and Community 191

Epilogue: The Gifts of Change 215

References 221

About the Author 229

About the Editors 231

Index 235

"With all due respect, the author has truly impressive credentials..." (Training, 2/02)