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Guinness: The 250 Year Quest for the Perfect Pint

Guinness: The 250 Year Quest for the Perfect Pint

Bill Yenne

ISBN: 978-0-470-12052-1

Oct 2007

288 pages

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A perfectly poured history of the world's greatest beer.

""Joseph Conrad was wrong. The real journey into the Heart of Darkness is recounted within the pages of Bill Yenne's fine book. Guinness (the beer) is a touchstone for brewers and beer lovers the world over. Guinness (the book) gives beer enthusiasts all the information and education necessary to take beer culture out of the clutches of light lagers and back into the dark ages. Cheers!""
-Sam Calagione, owner, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and author of Brewing Up a Business, Extreme Brewing, and Beer or Wine?

""Marvelous! As Bill Yenne embarks on his epic quest for the perfect pint, he takes us along on a magical tour into the depths of all things Guinness. Interweaving the tales of the world's greatest beer and the nation that spawned it, Yenne introduces us to a cast of characters worthy of a dozen novels, a brewery literally dripping with history, and-of course-the one-and-only way to properly pour a pint. You can taste the stout porter on every page.""
-Dan Roam, author of The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures
Notes on Measurements and Terminology.


Prologue. The World's Greatest Beer.

Introduction. What is Guinness Stout?

Chapter 1. Origins.

Chapter 2. Arthur Guinness, Brewer.

Chapter 3. A Family Business.

Chapter 4. Generations and Dynasties.

Chapter 5. Bottlers and the Export Trade.

Chapter 6. Building Sales While Building Rails.

Chapter 7. A Public Company.

Chapter 8. The Guinness World Travellers.

Chapter 9. To the Ends of the Earth, and Manchester Too.

Chapter 10. War at Home and Abroad.

Chapter 11. Trouble, Triumph and the Toucan.

Chapter 12. Brewed in Britain, and America Too.

Chapter 13. World War II.

Chapter 14. The Postwar Years.

Chapter 15. Great Men and Great Ideas.

Chapter 16. A Family Business at Two Hundred.

Chapter 17. Nitrogenation, the Really Great Idea.

Chapter 18. A Lager Called Harp.

Chapter 19. Into Africa, Malaysia and Beyond.

Chapter 20. Diversification and Expansion.

Chapter 21. The Watershed Decade.

Chapter 22. A Widget in the Pint.

Chapter 23. A Growing Company and The Perfect Pint.

Chapter 24. Guinness in the Twenty-First Century.

Chapter 25. Inside The Gate With The Master Brewer.

Epilogue. The World's Greatest Beer.

About the Author.

Appendix A. Generations of the Guinness Family in the Leadership of the Family Business.

Appendix B. Guinness Head Brewers.


About the Author.


""This book is telling of the legends of Guinness - the stout, the men and the mythology.""  (Retail & Leisure International, December 2007)

""...should be on the shelf of anyone who professes to want to learn more about the last 250 years of brewing""  (What's Brewing, December 2007)

"" absorbing tale, brilliantly handled.""  (New Imbiber, December 2007)

""This is a thoroughly enjoyable, complete chronicle of a great been business.""  (World Business, December 2007)