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HLA: Immune Response Genetics

HLA: Immune Response Genetics

Edited By:Steven GE Marsh

Vol 91(12 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 2059-2302 Online ISSN: 2059-2310 Impact Factor: 1.596


HLA publishes full-length original articles, brief communications, commentaries and occasional reviews on research in: immunogenetics of cell surface antigens; ontogeny and phylogeny of the immune system; immunogenetics of cell interactions; functional aspects of cell surface molecules and their natural ligands, such as cytokines, adhesion molecules and activation antigens; role of tissue antigens in immune reactions in vitro and in vivo, including experimental and clinical transplantation; and relationships between normal tissue antigens and tumor-associated antigens.The journal emphasizes genetic control of immune response, disease susceptibility and genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology of alloantigens and leukocyte differentiation. Manuscripts are invited on molecules expressed on lymphoid cells, myeloid cells, platelets and non-lineage-restricted antigens. The immunogenetics of histocompatibility antigens in humans and experimental animals and their tissue distribution, regulation and expression in normal and malignant cells and antigens as markers for disease are of major interest.