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HTML Complete, 3rd Edition

HTML Complete, 3rd Edition

Sybex, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-782-14209-9

Apr 2003

1008 pages

Select type: Paperback

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HTML is the building block for intranets and the web. XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) is the newest version of HTML; it brings the functionality of XML to HTML so that developers can easily use their content on a multitude of platforms. A thorough working knowledge of HTML and XHTML remains critical to effective web content development.


Part I: Introducing HTML.

Chapter 2: Getting Acquainted with HTML and XHTML.

Chapter 3: Creating Your First HTML or XHTML Document.

Chapter 4: Stepping Out: Linking Your Way Around the Web.

Chapter 5: Publishing Your (X)HTML Documents.

Chapter 6: Planning for a Usable, Maintainable Website.

Part II: Planning and Designing Your Web Page.

Chapter 7: Formatting the Body Section of Your Pages.

Chapter 8: Dividing a Window with Frames.

Chapter 9: Layout Technology.

Chapter 10: Adding Graphics.

Chapter 11: Presenting Information in Tables.

Chapter 12: Web Typography.

Part III: Advanced HTML.

Chapter 13: Optimizing Your Web Pages for Internet Explorer.

Chapter 14: Optimizing Your Web Pages for Netscape Navigator.

Chapter 15: Including Multimedia.

Chapter 16: Using Style Sheets.

Chapter 17: Developing Forms.

Chapter 18: Bringing Pages to Life with Dynamic HTML and XHTML.

Part IV: XML.

Chapter 19: XHTML: HTML Goes XML.

Chapter 20: Introduction to XML.

Chapter 21: Fundamentals of XML.

Part V: Appendices.

Appendix A: HTML and XHTML Elements and Attributes.

Appendix B: Cascading Style Sheets Reference.


Bonus Chapter: Introducing JavaScript and JScript Download