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HTML5 Canvas For Dummies

HTML5 Canvas For Dummies

Don Cowan

ISBN: 978-1-118-38535-7

Dec 2012

384 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Create eye-popping visuals on the fly with HTML5 Canvas

Now part of the HTML5 standard tool, Canvas gives programmers the ability to add images, animation, and sound to mobile and regular websites on the fly, in JavaScript, without needing any third-party tool or player. This practical For Dummies book clearly shows you how to get the most out of Canvas. It presents information in a friendly, non-intimidating way and helps you get started with the Canvas tag, create 2D drawings and images, add video and audio, build a basic game framework, weave spellbinding animation, and more.

If you want to learn how to use HTML5 Canvas, this easy-to-follow guide is just the ticket.

  • Shows web programmers, developers, and designers at beginner and intermediate HTML5 and JavaScript levels how to use the powerful HTML5 Canvas tag
  • Helps you design and add images, animation, sound, and more to mobile and regular websites, without using any third-party tools or players
  • Covers 2D drawings, text, and bitmap images; video and audio; how to build a basic game framework on Canvas; adding animation; and more
  • Includes a JavaScript crash course

Get started using HTML5 Canvas right away with HTML5 Canvas For Dummies.

Introduction 1

Part I: Looking at Canvas 5

Chapter 1: A Quick Glimpse Behind the Canvas 7

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Canvas Platform 21

Part II: Drawing on Canvas 39

Chapter 3: Creating Objects 41

Chapter 4: Enhancing Objects 81

Chapter 5: Transforming Objects 115

Chapter 6: Moving Objects 135

Part III: Breathing Life into Your Canvas 169

Chapter 7: Mastering the Art of Canvas 171

Chapter 8: Introducing User Interaction 193

Chapter 9: Creating Engaging Imagery and Motion 217

Chapter 10: Sounding Off with Audio 249

Part IV: Developing More Complex Applications 273

Chapter 11: Grabbing Attention with Video 275

Chapter 12: Enhancing Canvas Applications 301

Part V: The Part of Tens 333

Chapter 13: Ten Great Canvas Applications 335

Chapter 14: Ten Great Tools 339

Index 343

Sample Code Listings
This zip file contains sample code listings from the book.
Bonus Chapter
This bonus chapter is titled "Gaming on Canvas."
Sample Code Support Files - Audio
This zip file contains audio files that are used in the sample code listings.
Sample Code Support Files - Images
This zip file contains image files that are used in the sample code listings.
Sample Code Support Files - Video
This zip file contains video files that are used in the sample code listings.
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