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Habermas: A Critical Introduction, 2nd Edition

Habermas: A Critical Introduction, 2nd Edition

William Outhwaite

ISBN: 978-0-745-65504-8 April 2013 Polity 232 Pages




This new edition of a well-regarded book provides a concise and exceptionally clear introduction to Habermas's work, from his early writings on the public sphere, through his work on law and the state, to his more recent discussion of science, religion and contemporary Europe. Outhwaite examines all of Habermas's major works and steers a steady course through the many debates to which they have given rise.
A major feature of the book is that it provides a detailed critical analysis of Habermas's most important work, The Theory of Communicative Action. As well as looking at Habermas's appraisal of figures such as Foucault and Derrida, the book also examines his resolute defence of the Enlightenment project, his work on law and democracy and its implications for the important topic of European integration.

This book quickly became established as an authoritative guide to Habermas's work, and this updated new edition will be an invaluable critical introduction for students and scholars across the social sciences and humanities, especially sociology, politics, philosophy and social theory.

"Continues to be indispensable for those who want to think, or more correctly speak, with and against Habermas."
Journal of Sociology

"Outhwaite here delivers the perfect combination of accessibility and analytic depth. Habermas's work is notoriously difficult, wide ranging and constantly evolving - yet this classic text introduces his ideas with clarity, never sacrifices their sophistication and covers all the issues. Students love this book and researchers constantly return to it. If you want to really grasp this extraordinary and important thinker, you will need Outhwaite's help."
Ricardo Blaug, University of Leeds

"William Outhwaite's book on Habermas is an excellent book, which has stood the test of time remarkably well. In what is now an increasingly crowded market it is still the obvious recommendation for readers seeking an advanced account of all aspects of Habermas's work. This new and updated edition is very welcome indeed."
Chris Thornhill, University of Glasgow

  • Second edition of a well-regarded introduction to a central figure in philosophy, the social sciences and the humanities
  • Widely and highly praised for its exceptionally clear exposition of Habermas's thought
  • Fully updated to include Habermas's most recent works on science, religion and contemporary Europe
  • Provides a detailed critical analysis of Habermas's magnum opus, The Theory of Communicative Action