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Hacking RSS and Atom

Hacking RSS and Atom

Leslie M. Orchard

ISBN: 978-0-764-59758-9

Sep 2005

602 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Now you can satisfy your appetite for information

This book is not about the minutia of RSS and Atom programming. It's about doing cool stuff with syndication feeds-making the technology give you exactly what you want the way you want. It's about building a feed aggregator and routing feeds to your e-mail or iPod, producing and hosting feeds, filtering, sifting, and blending them, and much more. Tan-talizing loose ends beg you to create more hacks the author hasn't thought up yet. Because if you can't have fun with the technology, what's the point?

A sampler platter of things you'll learn to do

  • Build a simple feed aggregator
  • Add feeds to your buddy list
  • Tune into rich media feeds with BitTorrent
  • Monitor system logs and events with feeds
  • Scrape feeds from old-fashioned Web sites
  • Reroute mailing lists into your aggregator
  • Distill popular links from blogs
  • Republish feed headlines on your Web site
  • Extend feeds using calendar events and microformats


Part I: Consuming Feeds.

Chapter 1: Getting Ready to Hack.

Chapter 2: Building a Simple Feed Aggregator.

Chapter 3: Routing Feeds to Your Email Inbox.

Chapter 4: Adding Feeds to Your Buddy List.

Chapter 5: Taking Your Feeds with You.

Chapter 6: Subscribing to Multimedia Content Feeds.

Part II: Producing Feeds.

Chapter 7: Building a Simple Feed Producer.

Chapter 8: Taking the Edge Off Hosting Feeds.

Chapter 9: Scraping Web Sites to Produce Feeds.

Chapter 10: Monitoring Your Server with Feeds.

Chapter 11: Tracking Changes in Open Source Projects.

Chapter 12: Routing Your Email Inbox to Feeds.

Chapter 13:Web Services and Feeds.

Part III: Remixing Feeds.

Chapter 14: Normalizing and Converting Feeds.

Chapter 15: Filtering and Sifting Feeds.

Chapter 16: Blending Feeds.

Chapter 17: Republishing Feeds.

Chapter 18: Extending Feeds.

Part IV: Appendix.

Appendix A: Implementing a Shared Feed Cache.


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