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Hacking iPod® and iTunes®

Hacking iPod® and iTunes®

Scott Knaster

ISBN: 978-0-764-56984-5

Aug 2004

312 pages

Select type: Paperback

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  • Put on the headphones and crank up the action! Here's the one and only, ultimate guide for music junkies looking to squeeze every possible bit of potential from their beloved iPods, both Mac and Windows versions
  • Legendary Mac maven Scott Knaster shares more than 100 hacks, tweaks, and mods that unlock both the musical and non-musical tricks in the iPod's repertoire
  • Since iPod is the constant companion of music lovers everywhere, they'll groove to the discovery of how to make it download headlines, stock quotes, even driving directions; become a Bluetooth transmitter; or run Linux-and that's before they learn to create and play adventure games with it
  • In this latest offering from ExtremeTech, readers learn to tweak Gracenote CDDB in iTunes, hack their own iTunes music library and album covers, and more
  • According to Apple's research, an iPod is sold nearly every thirty seconds
  • iTunes owns digital music-more than eighty percent of legal music downloads, over seventeen million songs, have come from iTunes since its launch

Part I: Hacking iPod.

Chapter 1: Sounds Awesome: Music on Your iPod.

Chapter 2: More Than Music.

Chapter 3:Way Beyond the Music: Hardware.

Chapter 4:Way Beyond the Music: Software.

Part II: Hacking iTunes.

Chapter 5: Play with Your Music.

Chapter 6: Extreme Music Playing.

Chapter 7: iTunes and Hardware.

Chapter 8: Music In.

Chapter 9: Music Out: Burning and Beyond.

Chapter 10: Music Library: Check it Out.

Chapter 11: iTunes Music Store.

Part III: Appendices.

Appendix A: iPod Note Reader.

Appendix B:Where to Find More Information.

Appendix C: iPod and iTunes Version History.

Appendix D: iTunes Library XML Format.


"The technical guff is kept separate… (with) lots of little tips aimed at making your life as an iPod user easier." (Shetland Times, 3rd December 2004)

"…a legendary Mac hacker explores the nooks and crannies of iTunes and the iPod…" (Publishing News, 22nd March 04)

Visit the Author's Companion Site

Visit the author's companion site