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Handbook of Applied Cognition, 2nd Edition



Handbook of Applied Cognition, 2nd Edition

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Written by a team of leading international researchers under the guidance of Frank Durso, the second edition of the Handbook of Applied Cognition brings together the latest research into this challenging and important field, and is presented across thirty stimulating and accessible chapters. Stewarded by experiences editors from around the globe, the handbook has been fully updated with eleven new chapters covering materials that focus on the topics critical to understanding human mental functions in complex environments.   It is an essential single-source reference for researchers, cognitive engineers and applied cognitive psychologists, as well as advanced students in the flourishing field of applied cognition.
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Preface to First Edition.

Section 1 Applied Cognition Fundamentals.

Chapter 1 Applied Cognitive Psychology in the Context of Everyday Living (Wendy A. Rogers, Richard Pak & Arthur D. Fisk).

Chapter 2 Attention (David L. Strayer & Frank A. Drews).

Chapter 3 Working Memory (Aysecan Boduroglu, Meredith Minear & Priti Shah).

Chapter 4 Knowledge and Expertise (Stephan Lewandowsky, Daniel Little & Michael L. Kalish).

Chapter 5 Episodic Memory (Scott D. Gronlund, Curt A. Carlson & Debra Tower).

Chapter 6 Metamemory (John Dunlosky, Michael J. Serra & Julie M. C. Baker).

Chapter 7 Comprehension and Situation Awareness (Francis T. Durso, Katherine A. Rawson & Sara Girotto).

Chapter 8 Decision-Making (Winston R. Sieck & Gary Klein).

Chapter 9 Human Error: Trick or Treat? (Erik Hollnagel).

Chapter 10 Team Cognition (Nancy J. Cooke, Jamie C. Gorman & Jennifer L. Winner).

Section 2 Applied Cognition in Human–Technical Systems.

Chapter 11 Industrial Systems (Neville Moray).

Chapter 12 Patient Safety in Health Care (Vimla L. Patel & Jiajie Zhang).

Chapter 13 Skill in Sport (Bruce Abernethy, Jonathan P. Maxwell, Robin C. Jackson & Richard S. W. Masters).

Chapter 14 Aviation (Christopher Wickens).

Chapter 15 Driving (Geoffrey Underwood, David Crundall & Peter Chapman).

Chapter 16 Automated and Interactive Real-Time Systems (Bernd Lorenz & Raja Parasuraman).

Chapter 17 Cognitive Models of Human–Information Interaction (Peter Pirolli).

Chapter 18 Personal Information Management (William Jones & Brian H. Ross).

Chapter 19 Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (Gary M. Olson & Judith S. Olson).

Chapter 20 Online Courses (Ruth H. Maki & William S. Maki).

Section 3 Applied Cognition in Human–Social Systems.

Chapter 21 Instruction (Lindsey E. Richland, Marcia C. Linn & Robert A. Bjork).

Chapter 22 Cognitive Rehabilitation (Barbara A. Wilson).

Chapter 23 Personnel Selection and Testing (Margaret E. Beier & Phillip L. Ackerman).

Chapter 24 Mental Illness and Mental Health (Megan E. Hughes, Catherine Panzarella, Lauren B. Alloy & Lyn Y. Abramson).

Chapter 25 Media (Richard Jackson Harris, Elizabeth T. Cady & Christopher P. Barlett).

Chapter 26 Consumer Psychology (Joseph W. Alba & J. Wesley Hutchinson).

Chapter 27 Protection of the Environment (Raymond S. Nickerson).

Chapter 28 Juror Decision-Making (Ryan J. Winter & Edith Greene).

Chapter 29 Eyewitness Testimony (Daniel B. Wright & Graham M. Davies).

Chapter 30 False Memories (Giuliana Mazzoni & Alan Scoboria).

Author Index.

Subject Index.