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Handbook of Battery Materials

Handbook of Battery Materials

J. O. Besenhard (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61166-9 November 2008 648 Pages




Batteries find their applications in an increasing range of every-day products: discmen, mobile phones and electric cars need very different battery types.

This handbook gives a concise survey about the materials used in modern battery technology. The physico-chemical fundamentals are as well treated as are the environmental and recycling aspects. It will be a profound reference source for anyone working in the research and development of new battery systems, regardless if chemist, physicist or engineer.
Thermodynamics and mechanistics (G.Hambitzer).

Practical Batteries (N.Furukawa).

Manganese Oxides (A. Kozawa).

Nickel Oxides (J.McBreen).

Lead Oxides (D.Berndt).

Bromine Storage Materials (C.Fabjan).

Metallic Negatives (L. Binder).

Hydrogen Storage Alloys (J.J.Reilly).

Carbons (K.Kinoshita).

Separators (W.Boehnstedt).

Structura Stability of Transition Metal Oxide Insertion Oxides (M.M.Thackeray).

Overcharge Protected Oxide Cathodes (T.Ohzuku).

Rechargeable Lithium Anodes (J.I.Yamaki).

Lithium Alloy Anodes (R.Huggins).

Lithiated Carbons (J.O.Besenhard).

Anode-Electrolyte Interface (E.Peled).

Liquid Nonaqeous Electrolytes (J.Barthel).

Polymer Electrolytes (F.M.Gray).

Solid Electrolytes (W.Weppner).

Separators (R.Spotnitz).

Materials for High Temperature Batteries (H.Boehm).

Environmental Aspects and Recycling of Batteries (S.Frohlich).

"...concise reference book, containing numerous and recent references on modern battery technology..." (IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, Vol. 19, No. 2, March/April 2003)