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Handbook of Biomineralization: Medical and Clinical Aspects



Handbook of Biomineralization: Medical and Clinical Aspects


This first comprehensive overview of the modern aspects of biomineralization represents life and materials science at its best: Bioinspired pathways are the hot topics in many disciplines and this holds especially true for biomineralization.
Here, the editors - well-known members of associations and prestigious institutes - have assembled an international team of renowned authors to provide first-hand research results.
This third volume deals with biomineralization in medicine, paying closer attention to bones, teeth and pathological calcifications.
An interdisciplinary must-have account, for biochemists, bioinorganic chemists, lecturers in chemistry and biochemistry, materials scientists, biologists, and solid state physicists.
Mineralization of Bone: An Active or Passive Process?
Bone Morphogenetic Proteins
Biomechanics of Bone: Finite Element Analysis and Mechanosensation of Bone
Direct X-ray Scattering Measurement of Internal Stresses and Strains in Loaded Bones
Osteoporosis and Osteopetrosis
Clinical Treatment of Bone Defects
Bone Substitution Materials
Simulated Body Fluid (SBF) as a Standard Tool to Test the Bioactivity of Implants
Stimulation of Bone Growth on Implants by Integrin Ligands
Biochemical and Pathological Responses of Cells and Tissue to Micro- and Nanoparticles from Titanium and Other Materials
Tissue Engineering of Bone
Analytical Techniques in Bone Tissue Engineering
Formation of Teeth
Structure of Teeth: Human Enamel Crystal Structure
Biomechanical Adaptions of Whole Teeth
Clinical Aspects of Tooth Diseases and Their Treatment
Peridontal Regeneration
Tissue Engineering of Teeth
Clinical Aspects of Pathological Calcifications
Atherosclerosis: Cellular Aspects
Biological and Cellular Role of Fetuin Family Proteins in Biomineralization
Stone Formation
Ectopic Mineralization
Pathological Calcification of Heart Valve Bioprostheses