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Handbook of Cellular Manufacturing Systems

Handbook of Cellular Manufacturing Systems

Shahrukh A. Irani (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-12139-8

Apr 1999

776 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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A hands-on guide to implementing multi-cell manufacturing systems on a large scale.

Cellular manufacturing (CM) is the grouping of similar products for manufacture in discrete multi-machine cells. It has been proven to yield faster production cycles, lower in-process inventory levels, and enhanced product quality.

Pioneered on a large scale by Russian, British, and German manufacturers, interest in CM methods has grown steadily over the past decade. However, there continues to be a dearth of practical guides for industrial engineers and production managers interested in implementing CM techniques in their plants. Bringing together contributions by an international team of CM experts, the Handbook of Cellular Manufacturing Systems bridges this gap in the engineering literature. With the help of numerous in-depth case studies drawn from a wide range of industries, the Handbook covers:
* History and basic principles of cellular manufacturing.
* Methods for cell formation, layout, and scheduling of large manufacturing systems.
* Setup time reduction techniques.
* Quality control in CM.
* Benchmarking and performance evaluation of cells.
* Financial costs and benefits of CM versus traditional approaches.
* Human resources and team development issues in CM.
* Computer-aided methods and tools for planning, designing, implementing, and managing cells in manufacturing plants.

The Handbook of Cellular Manufacturing Systems is an indispensable resource for industrial engineers and production managers interested in implementing this exciting new alternative to conventional manufacturing system configurations.
Introduction to Cellular Manufacturing Systems (S. Irani, et al.).

Investigation of Cellular Manufacturing Practices (R. Askin & S. Estrada).

Machine-Component Matrix Clustering Methods for Cell Formation (T. Narendran & G. Srinivasan).

Cell Formation Using Production Flow Analysis (R. DeGuio & M. Barth).

Layout Design for Cellular Manufacturing (M. Bazargan-Lari).

Scheduling Cellular Manufacturing Systems (J. Ruben & F. Mahmoodi).

Setup Time Reduction to Enhance Cell Performance and Flexibility (J. Claunch).

Framework for Cellular Manufacturing Evaluation Process Using Analytical and Simulation Techniques (F. Mahmoodi, et al.).

Operating Manufacturing Cells with Labor Constraints (A. Iyer & R. Askin).

Benchmarking Measures for Performance Analysis of Cells (B. Dale).

Flexibility Considerations in Cell Design (A. Vakharia, et al.).

Quality Control in Cellular Manufacturing (T. Das & W. Miller).

Organizational and Human Issues in Cellular Manufacturing (A. Miller).

Economic Justification of Cellular Manufacturing (P. Primrose).

Project Management and Implementation of Cellular Manufacturing (B. Bidanda, et al.).

Design and Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Systems and Cells (J. Black).

Industrial Implementation of Production Flow Analysis (M. Barth & R. De Guio).

Dishwashing Machine Assembly: A Case Study (Q. Lee).

Cell Formation in a Coil Forging Shop: An Implementation Case (M. Perona).

Cases in Cellular Manufacturing (W. Wrennall & F. Kerns).

Classroom Tutorial on the Design of a Cellular Manufacturing System (L. Yan & S. Irani).

Systematic Redesign of a Manufacturing Cell (Y. Allam & S. Irani).

Plantwide Conversion to Cellular Manufacturing (Q. Lee).

Conversion to Cellular Manufacturing at Sheet Metal Products (D. Johnson).