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Handbook of Chemical Looping Technology

Handbook of Chemical Looping Technology

Ronald W. Breault

ISBN: 978-3-527-34202-0

Sep 2018

488 pages


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The only comprehensive and up-to-date handbook on this highly topical field, covering everything from new process concepts to commercial applications.
Describing novel developments as well as established methods, the authors start with the evaluation of different oxygen carriers and subsequently illuminate various technological concepts for the energy conversion process. They then go on to discuss the potential for commercial applications in gaseous, coal, and fuel combustion processes in industry.
The result is an invaluable source for every scientist in the field, from inorganic chemists in academia to chemical engineers in industry.
SECTION I Oxygen Carriers
1. Iron Based Carriers
2. Copper and the CLOU
3. Mixed Metal Oxides
4. Carrier Structure and Attrition
SECTION II Chemical Looping Process Concepts
5. The Moving Bed Fuel Reactor Process
7. Double Loop Processes
8. Fixed Bed Process
9. UoU CLOU System Test Results
10. Pressurized CLC
SECTION III Commercial Design Studies of CLC systems
11. Techno-economic Analysis of Gaseous and Coal-Direct Chemical Looping Combustion
12. ALSTOM´s CaCLC Process
13. Process Design of a CLOU System
SECTION IV Other Chemical Looping Processes
14. CaCL for CO2 Removal
15. BIAS looping for CO2 Removal
16. MgL for CO2 Control