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Handbook of Child Psychology and Developmental Science, 7th Edition



Handbook of Child Psychology and Developmental Science, 7th Edition

Richard M. Lerner (Editor-in-Chief)

ISBN: 978-1-118-13685-0 March 2015 3969 Pages

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The essential reference on human development, updated and reconceptualized

The Handbook of Child Psychology and Developmental Science, a four-volume reference, is the most comprehensive, authoritative text in the field. First published in 1946, and now in its Seventh Edition, the Handbook has long been considered the definitive guide to the field of developmental science. The scholarship across the four volumes of this edition illustrate that developmental science in the midst of a very exciting period.

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of developmental science, including detailed explanations of major theories and methods
  • Completely revised to reflect significant advances in the field, including reconceptions of theory, cultural concerns, and applications
  • Reflects the paradigm shift that involves increasingly greater understanding of how to describe, explain, and optimize the course of human life for diverse individuals living within diverse contexts

4 Volumes

Volume 1

1. Introduction
Willis F. Overton and Peter C. M. Molenaar

2. Relational Developmental Systems and Developmental Science
Willis F. Overton

3. Dynamic Systems and Developmental Science
David C. Witherington

4. The Dynamic Development of Thinking, Feeling, and Acting: Infancy through Adulthood
Michael F. Mascolo and Kurt W. Fischer

5. Biology, Development, and Human Systems|
Robert Lickliter and Hunter Honeycutt

6. Human Evolution and Development: An Ethological Perspective
Patrick Bateson

7. Neuroscience, Embodiment, and Development
Peter J. Marshall

8. The Development of Agency
Bryan W. Sokol, Stuart Hammond, Janet Kuebli, and Leah Sweetman

9. Dialectical Models of Socialization
Leon Kuczynski and Jan De Mol

10. Human Development and Culture: Conceptual and Methodological Issues
Jayanthi Mistry and Ranjana Dutta

11. Emotional Development and Consciousness
Michael Lewis

12. Personal and Cultural Identities: Development and Persistence
Michael J. Chandler and William L. Dunlop

13. Moral Development
Elliot Turiel

14. Development and Self-Regulation
Megan M. McClelland, G. John Geldhof, Claire E. Cameron, and Shannon B. Wanless

15. Developmental Psychopathology
E. Mark Cummings and Kristin Valentino

16. Positive Youth Development: A Relational Developmental Systems Model
Richard M. Lerner, Jacqueline V. Lerner, Edmond Bowers, and G. John Geldhof

17. Systems Methods for Developmental Research
Peter C. M. Molenaar and John R. Nesselroade

18. Neuroscientific Methods with Children
Michelle de Haan

19. Qualitative/Mixed Models
Patrick H. Tolan, Steven M. Boker, and Nancy L. Deutsch

20. Growth Curve Modeling and Longitudinal Factor Analysis
Nilam Ram and Kevin J. Grimm

21. Person-Oriented Methodological Approaches in Developmental Science
Alexander von Eye, Lars R. Bergman, and Chueh-An Hsieh

Volume 2

1. Introduction
Lynn S. Liben and Ulrich M. Müller

2. Brain and Cognitive Development
Joan Stiles, Timothy T. Brown, Frank Haist, and Terry L. Jernigan

3. Perceptual Development
Scott P. Johnson and Erin E. Hannon

4. Motor development
Karen Adolph

5. Attentional Development: The past, the present, and the future
Jelena Ristic and James T. Enns

6. The Development of Symbolic Representation
Tara Callaghan and John Corbit

7. Conceptual Development
Vladimir Sloutsky

8. Language Development
Brian MacWhinney

9. Early Literacy
Christopher J. Lonigan

10. Nonverbal Communication: The Hand’s Role in Talking and Thinking
Susan Goldin-Meadow

11. Development of executive function
Ulrich Müller and Kimberly Kerns

12. Development of Reasoning
Robert B. Ricco

13. An Adaptive View of Memory Development
Mark L. Howe

14. The Development of Mathematical Reasoning
Terezinha Nunes and Peter Bryant

15. Development of spatial cognition
Lynn Liben and Roger Downs

16. The Development of Play
Angeline S. Lillard

17. The Developmental Psychology of Time
Teresa McCormack

18. Development of scientific thinking
Richard Lehrer and Leona Schauble

19. Artistic Development in the Visual Arts and Music
Constance Milbrath, Gary McPherson, and Margaret Osborne

20. Cognitive Development through Media
Daniel R. Anderson and Heather L. Kirkorian

21. The Development of Social Understanding
Jeremy I. M. Carpendale and Charlie Lewis

22. Cognition in developing social identities and beliefs
Rebecca Bigler

23. Gender Development from a Social-Cognitive Perspective
Campbell Leaper

24. Cognitive Development in the Context of Culture
Mary Gauvain and Susan Perez

25. Atypical Cognitive Development
Bruce F. Pennington

Volume 3

1. Unraveling the Processes that Underlie Social, Emotional, and Personality Development: A Preliminary Survey of the Terrain
Michael E. Lamb

2. Measuring Socio-emotional Behavior and Development
Celia A. Brownell, Elizabeth A. Lemerise, Kevin A. Pelphrey, and Glenn I. Roisman

3. The Prenatal Environment and its Implications for Development: An Evolutionary
David A. Coall, Anna Callan, Thomas E. Dickins, and James S. Chisholm

4. Psychoneuroendocrinology of Stress: Normative Development and Individual Differences
Megan R. Gunnar, Jenalee R. Doom, and Elisa A. Esposito

5. Temperament and Personality
Xinyin Chen and Louis A. Schmidt

6. Relationships, Regulation, and Early Development
Ross A. Thompson

7. Resilience in the Face of Adversities
Suniya S. Luthar, Elizabeth J. Crossman, and Phillip J. Small

8. Socio-emotional consequences of illness and disability
Keith Crnic and Cameron Neece

9. The Implications of Discrimination for Child and Adolescent Development
Amy K. Marks, Kida Ejesi, Mary Beth McCullough, and Cynthia García Coll

10. Race, class and ethnicity as they affect emergent adulthood
Vonnie McLoyd, Kelly M. Purtell, and Cecily R. Hardaway

11. Socio-emotional Development in Changing Family Contexts
Susan Golombok and Fiona Tasker

12. Children and the Law
Michael E. Lamb, Lindsay C. Malloy, Irit Hershkowitz, and David La Rooy

13. A Multilevel Perspective on Child Maltreatment
Dante Cicchetti and Sheree L. Toth

14. Individual Differences in Theory of Mind: A Social Perspective
Claire Hughes and Rory T. Devine

15. Prosocial Development
Nancy Eisenberg, Tracy L. Spinrad, & Ariel Knafo

16. Development of Achievement Motivation and Engagement
Allan Wigfield, Jacquelynne S. Eccles, Jennifer Fredricks, Sandra Simpkins, Robert Roeser, and Ulrich Schiefele

17. Morality: Origins and Development
Melanie Killen and Judith G. Smetana

18. Conceptualizing the Self: Contributions of Normative Human Processes, Diverse Contexts and Opportunity
Margaret Beale Spencer, Dena Phillips Swanson, and Vinay Harpalani

19. Aggressive and Violent Behavior
Manuel Eisner and Tina Malti

20. Gendered development
Melissa Hines

21. The Development of Sexuality
Lisa M. Diamond, Susan B. Bonner, and Janna A. Dickenson

22. Friendships, Romantic Relationships, and Other Dyadic Peer Relationships in Childhood and Adolescence: A Unified Relational Perspective
Wyndol Furman and Amanda J. Rose

23. The Nature and Functions of Religious and Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescence
Pamela Ebstyne King and Chris J. Boyatzis

Volume 4

1. Children in Bioecological Landscapes of Development
Marc H. Bornstein and Tama Leventhal

2. Human Development in Time and Place
Glen H. Elder, Jr., Michael J. Shanahan, and Julia A. Jennings

3. Children and their Parents
Marc H. Bornstein

4. Children in Diverse Families
Lawrence Ganong, Marilyn Coleman, and Luke Russell

5. Children in Peer Groups
Kenneth H. Rubin, William M. Bukowski, and Julie Bowker

6. Early Child Care and Education
Margaret Burchinal, Katherine Magnuson, Douglas Powell, and Sandra Soliday Hong

7. Children at School
Robert Crosnoe and Aprile D. Benner

8. Children’s Organized Activities
Deborah Lowe Vandell, Reed W. Larson, Joseph L. Mahoney, and Tyler W. Watts

9. Children at Work
Jeremy Staff, Arnaldo Mont'Alvao, and Jeylan T. Mortimer

10. Children and Digital Media
Sandra L. Calvert

11. Children in Diverse Social Contexts
Velma McBride Murry, Nancy E. Hill, Dawn Witherspoon, Cady Berkel, and Deborah Bartz

12. Children’s Housing and Physical Environments
Robert H. Bradley

13. Children in Neighborhoods
Tama Leventhal, Véronique Dupéré, and Elizabeth Shuey

14. Children and Socioeconomic Status
Greg J. Duncan, and Katherine Magnuson, and Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal

15. Children in Medical Settings
Barry Zuckerman and Robert D. Keder

16. Children and the Law
Elizabeth Cauffman, Elizabeth Shulman, Jordan Bechtold, and Laurence Steinberg

17. Children and Government
Kenneth A. Dodge and Ron Haskins

18. Children in War and Disaster
Ann S. Masten, Angela J. Narayan, Wendy K. Silverman, and Joy D. Osofsky

19. Children and Cultural Context
Jacqueline J. Goodnow and Jeanette A. Lawrence

20. Children in History
Peter N. Stearns

21. Assessing Children from a Bioecological Perspective
Theodore D. Wachs