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Handbook of Combinatorial Chemistry: Drugs, Catalysts, Materials

Handbook of Combinatorial Chemistry: Drugs, Catalysts, Materials

K. C. Nicolaou (Editor), Rudolf Hanko (Editor), Wolfgang Hartwig (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60303-9 January 2005 1145 Pages


K.C. Nicolaou - Winner of the Nemitsas Prize 2014 in Chemistry

At long last, the mechanism-based and application-oriented handbook of combinatorial chemistry.

Since its very beginning, research in this field has continued to develop at a rapid rate. Increasingly elegant methods are being invented and an even wider range of possible applications is still being discovered, such that combinatorial chemistry is now an integral part of industrial and academic research.

The high-class editorial team - K. C. Nicolaou of The Scripps Institute and UCSD, and R. Hanko and W. Hartwig from Bayer - ensure comprehensive coverage and top quality contributions. This two-volume work deals with synthetic chemistry in all its forms, applications from life sciences, chemistry and
material sciences, all there is to know about compound library design and synthesis, and, of course, the general basics - making it an indispensable reference for synthetic, organic and medicinal chemists, chemical biologists as well as material scientists.
Combinatorial Chemistry in Drug Discovery
Principles of Combinatorial Chemistry
Solid and Soluble Supports for Heterogenous Systems
Linkers for Solid Phase Synthesis
Encoding Technologies
Instrumentation for Combinatorial Chemistry

Radical Chemistry
Nucleophilic Substitution
Electrophilic Substitution
Addition to CC Multiple Bonds Except CC Bond Formation
Addition to CX Multiple Bonds Except CO Double Bonds
Chemistry of the Carbonyl Group
Oxidation Except CC Double Bonds
Reduction Except CC Double Bonds
Main Group Organometallics
Enolates and Related Species
Transitions Metal Catalyzed Formation of Single Bonds
Metathesis and Related Processes for CC Multiple Bond Formation

Libraries of Natural Products
Synthesis of Heterocyclic Systems
Multicomponent Reactions
Combinatorial Chemistry of Oligosaccharides

Design Criteria
Estimation of Physicochemical Parameters
Virtual Libraries and Modeling
Case Study: Medicinal Chemistry

Combinatorial Chemistry in the Fine Chemical Industry
High Throughput Process Research
Combinatorial Approaches to Catalyst Discovery
Case Study: Combinatorial Catalyst Discovery
Combinatorial Aspects of Material Research
Combinatorial Principles of Biology and Their Potential Applications to Drug Discovery
"...the editors have succeeded in guiding the many authors from different backgrounds to write a largely coherent and readable standard work of combinatorial chemistry, which keeps the promises given in its title."
Angewandte Chemie

" highly recommended to all who are interested in this subject." Angewandte I.E.

"If science is ever to be recognised as of the crucial agents of social change, then we need more books such as this."
Chemistry & Industry

" recommend ... as an up-to-date, authoritative, comprehensive reference source that should be indispensable for synthetic, organic, and medicinal chemists, chemical biologists, and material scientists."
The Chemical Educator