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Handbook of Drinking Water Quality, 2nd Edition

Handbook of Drinking Water Quality, 2nd Edition

John DeZuane

ISBN: 978-0-471-28789-6

Jan 1997

592 pages

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"Well-written and informative."
Richard Lewis, Lewis Information Systems

"This [book] combines information which could possibly have required as many as four reference sources in the past."
Steven C. Messer

In its first edition, John De Zuane's popular reference drew wide praise for being an insightful theoretical resource. Now, in the second edition of Handbook of Drinking Water Quality, De Zuane builds on that legacy with the same practical and conceptual emphases, adding a wealth of new information that provides immediate access to the data and guidelines needed to

  • understand the impact of drinking water parameters on public health
  • help build and operate water supply facilities
  • conduct reliable drinking water sampling, monitoring, and analytical evaluation
  • implement potability standards from the source to the treatment facility, to storage, to the tap
  • write new standards and expand/modify existing standards as quickly as needed

Preventing contamination of drinking water requires a multidisciplinary perspective, one that incorporates elements of bacteriology, chemistry, physics, engineering, public health, preventive medicine, and control and evaluation management. In a concise, easy-to-use format, Handbook of Drinking Water Quality, Second Edition, describes

  • Data and guidelines from the World Health Organization and the European Community used to develop drinking water standards
  • U.S. drinking water standards—their physical, chemical, microbiological, and radionuclide parameters and monitoring requirements
  • EPA-approved analytical methods and the most effective treatment technologies for each contaminant
  • Critical concepts of water quality control as applied in water treatment in conventional or chemical treatment plants
  • Disinfection and fluoridation requirements
  • Common problems with water distribution systems, including dead ends, sediments, bacterial growth, insufficient pressure, and main breaks

To keep pace with recent breakthroughs in scientific research, water analysis, and program implementation and monitoring, this Second Edition features expanded and updated information on

  • All drinking water regulations issued since the previous edition in 1990
  • Current drinking water standards adopted by the European Community
  • Lead poisoning, radon, and Cryptosporidium
  • Compulsory water treatment for lead and copper
  • Coliform Rule compliance (disinfection and filtration)
  • Trihalomethane reduction with ozonation

As a quick reference, handbook, and technical manual Handbook of Drinking Water Quality, Second Edition, is an essential volume for engineers, water supply and treatment personnel, environmental scientists, public health officials, or anyone responsible for assuring the safety of drinking water.

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Preface to the Second Edition vii

Preface to the First Edition ix

Acknowledgments xi

1 Potable Water 1

2 General or Physical Parameters 19

3 Chemical Parameters - Inorganics 49

4 Chemical Parameters - Organic Compounds 149

5 Microbiological Parameters 297

6 Radionuclide Parameters 331

7 Carcinogens 355

8 Water Analyses 367

9 Public Health Regulations 401

10 Water Treatment 419

11 Federal Regulations 483

Appendixes 515

Appendix A-I: Abbreviations and Acronyms 517

Appendix A-II: World Health Organization Guidelines 527

Appendix A-III: European Drinking Water Directives 535

Appendix A-IV: Water Quality Data 540

Appendix A-V: New York State Standards 546

Appendix A-VI: Radionuclide Data 551

Appendix A-VII: Fluoridation Data 553

Appendix A-VIII: General References 559

Appendix A-IX: Conversion Factors 560

Index 565