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Handbook of Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials, 2nd Edition

Handbook of Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials, 2nd Edition

W. Tillar Shugg

ISBN: 978-0-780-31030-8

Jun 1995, Wiley-IEEE Press

608 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Covering virtually all classes of insulating materials for electrical and electronic applications, this handbook offers immediate access to detailed information in one easy-to-use source. Included are major producers, technologies, methods of manufacture, trades, applicable standards and specifications, properties, uses, development programs, and market trends. Complete with a wealth of data and lacking in technical jargon, this book will be invaluable to electrical and electronics engineers who need to make informed choices about dielectric and electrical insulation materials as well as electrical engineering students in need of a comprehensive reference.
Foreword to the Second Edition.

Foreword to the First Edition.





Thermoplastic Molding Compounds.

Thermosetting Molding Compounds.

Extrusion Compounds.

Embedding Compounds.

Magnet Wire Enamels.

Insulating Coatings and Impregnants.

Unclad and Clad Structures.

Dielectric Films.

Dielectric Papers and Boards.

Tapes and Coated Fabric.

Tubing and Sleeving.

Mica and Mica Products.

Ceramic and Glass Insulations.

Dielectric Gases.

Dielectric Liquids.

Industry Activities.

Government Activities.