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Handbook of Emerging Fixed Income and Currency Markets

Handbook of Emerging Fixed Income and Currency Markets

Frank J. Fabozzi (Editor) , Alberto Franco (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-883-24933-5

Aug 1997

235 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The fixed income markets in emerging countries represent a new and potentially lucrative area of investment for investors. But along with the possibility of big returns, there is a much greater risk. The Handbook of Emerging Fixed Income and Currency Markets shows investors how to identify solid investment opportunities in these markets, assess the risk potential, and develop an investment approach to ensure long-range profits. Featuring contributions from leading experts around the world, this book provides a comprehensive and authoritative guide to these exciting new markets.
Contributing Authors.


1. Introduction (F. Fabozzi and A. Franco).

2. Emerging Fixed Income and Local Currency: An Investment Management View (L. Luis).

3. Integrating Emerging Market Bonds into a Global Portfolio (S. Dym).

4. Local Fixed Income Instruments in Latin America (M. Castro and E. Pilarinu).

5. Guide to the U.S. High-Yield Market for Corporate Emerging Market Issuers and Investors (J. Bencivenga).

6. Sovereign Credit Ratings: A Primer (D. Beers and M. Cavanaugh).

7. Rating the Transition Economies (H. Hessel).

8. Challenges in the Credit Analysis of Emerging Market Corporate Bonds (C. Taylor).

9. Relative Value Concepts Within the Eurobond Market (P. Crril).

10. Price Sensitivity and Risk Measures for Brady Bonds (S. Dym).

11. Local Fixed Income Arbitrage (M. Castro and E. Pilarinu).

12. The Emerging Markets Repo Market (J. Cooper).

13. The Economics of Retiring Brady Debt (R. Gay).

14. Infrastructure and Project Financing in Emerging Markets (P. McKeon).

15. Exchange Rate Mechanisms in Emerging Markets (D. Barkan and J. Silber).

16. Options on Exotic Currencies (A. Sloan).