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Handbook of Enology, 2 Volume Set, 2nd Edition


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A must for all serious students and practitioners of viticulture, the Handbook of Enology (volumes 1 and 2) serves as both a text and reference book for students and practitioners interested and working in the field of winemaking. Carefully revised and updated, this second edition features new scientific and technological results to reflect the most up-to-date knowledge in winemaking. Written by two esteemed authors, the handbook discusses the scientific basics and technological problems of winemaking and the resulting consequences for the practitioner, providing an authoritative and complete reference manual for the winemaker, and an in-depth textbook for the student.
"…will not only benefit from the content, but also by learning the meticulous scientific approach utilized by these expert enologists." (Journal of the Agricultural & Food Information, January 2008)

"...valuable not only as an education tool for students, but as a source of practical solutions to technical problems for winemakers...both books are self-recommending..." (Wine East, November/December 2006)