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Handbook of Evolution: The Evolution of Human Societies and Cultures, Volume 1

Handbook of Evolution: The Evolution of Human Societies and Cultures, Volume 1

Franz M. Wuketits (Editor), Christoph Antweiler (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61970-2 October 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 352 Pages


This two-volume handbook is unique in spanning the entire field of evolution, from the origins of life up to the formation of social structures and science and technology. The author team of world-renowned experts considers the subject from a variety of disciplines, with continuous cross-referencing so as to retain a logical internal structure. The uniformly structured contributions discuss not merely the general knowledge behind the evolution of life, but also the corresponding development of language, society, economies, morality and politics. The result is an overview of the history and methods used in the study of evolution, including controversial theories and discussions. A must for researchers in the natural sciences, sociology and philosophy, as well as for those interested in an interdisciplinary view of the status of evolution today.

List of Contributors.

1. The Human Adaptation for Culture (Michael Tomasello).

2. Cognitive Evolution (Olaf Diettrich).

3. Evolution, Language, and the Construction of Culture (Harold Haarmann).

4. Social Evolution (Peter Meyer).

5. Evolution of Morality (Camilo J. Cela-Conde & Francisco J. Ayala).

6. The Evolution of Politics (Peter A. Corning).

7. Evolution of Economics (John M. Gowdy).

8. The Evolution of Scientific Method (Erhard Oeser).



"…lots of information and reasoning is there, making it worthwhile reading." (Genes, Brain and Behavior, March 2005)

"This book would be a great addition to an academic library collection supporting programs in evolutionary biology or sociobiology." (E-STREAMS, October 2004)

"…this book features seminal and thorough coverage of a broad range of topics by 11 well-chosen experts.” (CHOICE, October 2004)