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Handbook of Forms and Letters for Design Professionals

Handbook of Forms and Letters for Design Professionals

Society of Design Administration

ISBN: 978-0-471-26774-4

Mar 2004

256 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Architects and allied professionals are required to document much of their work through written communication throughout out all phases of a project.
Where there are many professional books that focus on writing techniques and effective letter writing, this new title provides design professionals with the actual forms and documents essential throughout all stages of their work, and is a practical and useful resouce for architects, engineers and landscape designers.
* Time saving forms offer sample wording for all aspects of a design and construction project, ensuring that documents are presented professionally through a project
* Offers a wide range of sample documentation specifically used by design industry professionals - from pre-design through post construction - allowing the reader to select the appropriate paperwork at the appropriate stage
* A supplementary CD makes forms instantly accessible, adaptable and ready to use
* Authored by the leading organisation in the field and endorsed by the American Institute of Architects


Chapter One: The Writing Process.

Example of Standard Guidelines.

Sample Letter.

Chapter Two: Administration.

Interim Proposal.

Agreement for Design Services.

Standard Terms and Conditions of Contract.

Meeting/Conference Notes.


Telephone Conversation Report.

Transmittal Letter.

Letter of Transmittal.

Fax Transmittal.

Sheet.

Routing Template.

Assignments Worksheet: Project/General.

Travel and Reservations Information Check List.

Sales Representative’s Registry.

Application for Employment.

Welcome Letter, New Employee.

Orientation Check List.

Employee Information.

Employee Goal-Setting and Implementation Strategies.

Employee Evaluation.

Employee Termination Check List.

Absence Request Form.

Vacation Request Form.

Proposal Request Form.

Go/No-Go Evaluation.

Business Development Matrix.

Chapter Three: Accounting.

Cash Receipts.

Cash Out Monthly.

Cash Position Worksheet.

Checkbook Ledger.

Check Request Form.

Direct Deposit Agreement.

Billing Schedule—Staff Hours Projection.

Project Budget Worksheet—Residential.

Project Budget Worksheet—General.

Project Budget—Bottom-Up.

Project Report—Actual to Budget Spreadsheet.

Reimbursable Expenses Log.

Employee Expense Form.

Consultant Tracking Spreadsheet.

Simple Timesheet.

Simple Timesheet Codes.

Weekly Timesheet with Codes.

Chapter Four: Prebid Project Administration.

Project Directory.

Contract Administration.

Project Information Start-up Check List.

Certificate of Insurance Request.

Certificate of Insurance Log.

Meeting Minutes Template.

Travel Log.

Code Research and Requirements.

Programming Report.

Finish Specifications.

Progress and Billing Reports Log.

Electronic Information Release.

Chapter Five: Bidding and Negotiation.

Advertisement for Bids.

Notice to Bidders.

Instruction to Bidders.

Preliminary Pricing: Standard Procedure Outline.

Pricing Worksheet.

Register of Bid Documents.

Preliminary Bid Comparison Worksheet.


Notice of Award Letter.

Chapter Six: Construction Administration and Post Construction.

Contract Amendment.

Field Report.

Project Progress Report.

Contractor's Monthly Report.

Additional Services Form Letter.

Additional Services Work Authorization Form.

Submittal Transmittal.

Submittal Log.

Shop Drawing and Sample Record.

Shop Drawing Comments.

Request for Information.

Request for Information Response Form.

Request for Information Log.

Instructions to Contractor.

Instructions to Contractor Log.

Supplemental Instructions to Contractor Log.

Construction Status Report.

Change Order Proposal Log.

Change Order History.

Supplementary Drawings Record.

Contract Drawing Log.

Conditional Waiver and Release upon Progress Payment.

Conditional Waiver and Release upon Final Payment.

Unconditional Waiver and Release upon Progress Payment.

Unconditional Waiver and Release upon Final Payment.

Punch List.

Closeout Documentation Check List.

Project Closeout Form.

Request for Plans or Project Information.




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