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Handbook of Functionalized Organometallics: Applications in Synthesis, 2 Volume Set

Handbook of Functionalized Organometallics: Applications in Synthesis, 2 Volume Set

Paul Knochel (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-31131-6

Oct 2005

690 pages

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Edited by one of the leading experts in the field, this handbook is the first to cover the field in its entirety, not merely focusing on one single metal but on the whole range of different compounds.
Paul Knochel provides everything there is to know about this hot topic. By imparting his knowledge, he shows readers how to significantly improve their synthetic strategies.
A must for chemists working with and on organometallics, organic chemists, catalytic chemists, and those in industry.
Polyfunctional Li-Organometallics for Organic Synthesis
Functionalized Organoborane Derivatives in Organic Synthesis
Polyfunctional Magnesium Organometallics for Organic Synthesis
Polyfunctional Si-Organometallics for Organic Synthesis
Polyfunctional Sn-Organometallics for Organic Synthesis
Polyfunctional Zinc Organometallics for Organic Synthesis
Polyfunctional 1,1-Organodimetallic for Organic Synthesis
Polyfunctional Organocopper Reagents for Organic Synthesis
Functional Organonickel Reagents
Polyfunctional Metal Carbenes for Organic Synthesis
Functionalized Organozirconium and Titanium in Organic Synthesis
Mn-Organometallics for the Chemoselective Synthesis of Polyfunctional Compounds
Polyfunctional Electrophilic Multihapto-Organometallics for Organic Synthesis
Polyfunctional Zinc, Cobalt and Iron-Organometallics Prepared by Electrosynthesis
""The book is well-structured, and the individual chapters have been written by leading chemists in each area. The editor has coordinated the large amount of information effectively. All the chapters deal with up-to-date topics and are of high quality...This useful book should be bought by graduate students as well as industrial and academic researchers interested in organic synthesis. It will also provide stimulating ideas for open-minded organometallic chemists who seek new organometallic reagents for novel and useful transformations.""
Angewandte Chemie International Edition

""...this pair of volumes should be in every medicinal and process chemist's library. The main problem will be - will it still be on the library shelf since it is likely to be so heavily used. Best to buy your own copy! Wiley-VCH now have an excellent series of books on organometallic chemistry with recent titles on ""Modern Organonickel Chemistry"", ""Ruthenium in Organic Synthesis"", ""Metal Catalysed Cross Coupling Reactions"", ""Titanium and Zirconium in Organic Synthesis"" and ""Transition Metals for Organic Synthesis"". Knochel's book on Functionalised Organmetallics maintains the very high standard of this series.""
Organic Process Research & Development