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Handbook of GC/MS: Fundamentals and Applications

Handbook of GC/MS: Fundamentals and Applications

Hans-Joachim Hübschmann

ISBN: 978-3-527-61285-7

Dec 2007

608 pages

Select type: O-Book


This is the first comprehensive reference work for GC/MS.
It offers broad coverage, from sample preparation to the evaluation of MS-Data, including library searches. Fundamentals, techniques, and applications are described.
A large part of the book is devoted to numerous examples for GC/MS-applications in environmental, food, pharmaceutical and clinical analysis. These proven examples come from the daily practice of various laboratories.
The book also features a glossary of terms and a substance index that helps the reader to find information for his particular analytical problem.
The author presents in a consistent and clear style his experience from numerous user workshops which he has organized. This is a thoroughly revised and updated English edition based on an edition which was highly successful in Germany.
Sample preparation
Gas chromatography
Mass spectrometry
Special aspects of GC/MS coupling
Graphic representation of chromatograms
Compound identification based on GC/MS analysis
Quantitative analysis using GC/MS systems
Common contaminants in GC/MS
"The present English version is more than just a handbook which means a comprehensive and instructive book on the subject. The most important advantage is that it has not only been written for the practitioner, but also the analyst who wishes to familiarise himself with any or all the aspects of GC/MS."
- AFS - Advances In Food Sciences, 2001; Vol. 23; No. 3

"The book offers an excellent overview on the analytical method showing its principles as well as potential and possibilities. In summary, it is a very useful book for the daily GC/MS practice as well as for the introduction of beginners and students in this analytical technique. It should be present in every in food environmental, pharmaceutical and clinical GC/MS laboratory."
H. Raddatz, European Food Research and Technology