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Handbook of Global and Multicultural Negotiation



Handbook of Global and Multicultural Negotiation

Christopher W. Moore, Peter J. Woodrow

ISBN: 978-0-470-57344-0 February 2010 Jossey-Bass 500 Pages


Handbook of Global and Multicultural Negotiation provides advice and strategies for effective cross-cultural negotiations. Written from a multicultural perspective, this guidebook explores cross-cultural communication for problem solving and negotiations. This resource includes real-life stories and examples compiled from over thirty years of domestic and global experience from both authors, including Chris Moore, a well-known international negotiator and best selling author. This step-by-step guide to negotiation provides practical recommendations, advice, and globally proven strategies to promote coordination and agreement making for mediators, facilitators, business professionals, and lawyers.

Figures, Tables, and Exhibit vii

Preface ix

Part One: The Essentials of Global and Multicultural Negotiation 1

1 Introduction to Culture and Negotiation: The Context of Global and Multicultural Negotiations 3

2 The Wheel of Culture 21

3 Strategies for Global Intercultural Interactions 61

4 Cross-Cutting Issues in Negotiation 77

Part Two: A Step-By-Step Guide to Intercultural Negotiations 127

5 The Preparation Stage 129

6 Beginning Negotiations 149

7 Identifying and Exploring Issues 185

8 Cultural Patterns in Information Exchange 221

9 Problem Solving and Option Generation 247

10 Influence and Persuasion Strategies 283

11 Assessing Options 327

12 Reaching Closure and Developing Agreements 347

13 Implementing Agreements 367

Part Three: Assisted Negotiations and Third-Party Roles 387

14 Assisted Negotiations 389

15 Facilitation and Mediation 407

References 435

The Authors 449

Name Index 451

Subject Index 457