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Handbook of HIV and Social Work: Principles, Practice, and Populations

Handbook of HIV and Social Work: Principles, Practice, and Populations

Cynthia Cannon Poindexter

ISBN: 978-1-118-01210-9

Oct 2010

384 pages



Praise for Handbook of HIV and Social Work

""Cynthia Cannon Poindexter has given us a remarkable edited volume that contains much information on HIV that every professional social worker needs to know in order to practice competently in today's complex world.""—From the Foreword by Vincent J. Lynch, MSW, PhD, Boston College Graduate School of Social Work

""This comprehensive handbook assembles a group of social work scholars and practitioners to participate in, guide, and address many of the unresolved challenges characterizing the HIV debates. This handbook is a valuable and timely addition to the literature.""—King Davis, MSW, PhD, The Robert Lee Sutherland Chair in Mental Health and Social Policy, The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work

""This handbook is an outstanding resource for the social work professional working to ensure equal access to care, treatment, and resources for all persons living with and/or affected by HIV.""—Evelyn P. Tomaszewski, MSW, Project Director, NASW HIV/AIDS Spectrum: Mental Health Training and Education of Social Workers Project

""This book is an excellent, up-to-date guide on HIV. It is an indispensable resource for all those who work with HIV and all its complications.""—Leon Ginsberg, MSW, PhD, Dean Emeritus, University of South Carolina School of Social Work and Editor, Administration in Social Work

The most current knowledge on the HIV pandemic in a thorough, diverse, and accessible volume

This invaluable book draws on a distinguished roster of HIV advocates, educators, case managers, counselors, and administrators, assembling the most current knowledge into this volume. Handbook of HIV and Social Work reflects the latest research and its impact on policy and practice realities, with topics including:

  • History, Illness, Transmission, and Treatment

  • Social Work Roles, Tasks, and Challenges in Health Care Settings

  • HIV-related Community Organizing and Grassroots Advocacy

  • The Impact of HIV on Children and Adolescents

  • HIV-affected Caregivers

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Foreword (Vincent J. Lynch).


About the Editor.

About the Contributors.

Part One: HIV Basics and Social Work Principles.

Chapter 1 HIV History, Illness, Transmission, and Treatment (Ryan M. Kull).

Chapter 2 Underlying Principles of Helping in the HIV Field (Hugo Kamya).

Chapter 3 Cultural Competence and HIV (Manoj Paradasani, Claudia Lucia Moreno, and Nicholas Robertson Forge).

Chapter 4 The Human Rights Framework Applied to HIV Services and Policy (Cynthia Cannon Poindexter).

Part Two: Social Work Practice.

Chapter 5 HIV-Related Case Management (Douglas M. Brooks).

Chapter 6 HIV-Related Crisis Intervention and Counseling (Michael P. Melendez).

Chapter 7 HIV Social Work Roles, Tasks, and Challenges in Health Care Settings (Brian Giddens).

Chapter 8 HIV-Related Group Work and Family Support (Patricia A. Stewart and Valerie Dixson-Anderson).

Chapter 9 Administration of HIV Services: Program Development, Management, and Fund Development (Dana B. Marlowe).

Chapter 10 HIV-Related Community Organizing and Grassroots Advocacy (Larry M. Gant).

Chapter 11 HIV-Related Political and Legislative Intervention (Gary Bailey).

Chapter 12 HIV Prevention Innovations and Challenges (Peter A. Newman).

Part Three: Specific Vulnerable Populations.

Chapter 13 Women and HIV in the U.S.: From Invisible to Self-Determined (Sally Mason).

Chapter 14 HIV Prevention and Services for Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men: Now is Still the Time (David J. Brennan and Winston Husbands).

Chapter 15 The Impact of HIV on Children and Adolescents (Lori Wiener and Susan Taylor-Brown).

Chapter 16 HIV-Infected and HIV-Affected Midlife and Older Persons (Charles A. Emlet).

Chapter 17 HIV and Black and African-American Communities in the Twenty-first Century (Darrell P. Wheeler, Bernadette R. Hadden, Michael Lewis, Laurens G. Van Sluytman, and Tyrone M. Parchment).

Chapter 18 Latinos and HIV: A Framework to Develop Evidence-Based Strategies (Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, Alida Bouris, and Susan M. Gallego).

Chapter 19 HIV-Affected Caregivers (Helen Land).

Chapter 20 Afterward: Looking Back, Looking Forward in HIV Social Work (Cynthia Cannon Poindexter and Nathan L. Linsk).

Author Index.

Subject Index.