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Handbook of Health Care Management

Handbook of Health Care Management

W. Jack Duncan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-557-86833-6 December 1997 610 Pages


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The Handbook for Health Care Management is about management and the manager's real and potential contribution to a more effective and efficient health care system.
Part I: Managing Relationships in Health Care:.

1. Effective Stakeholder Relations.

2. Managing Customer Relations.

3. Strategic Alliances.

4. Designing Health Care Organisations for the future.

5. Strategic Management.

Part II: Organisational Process in Health Care:.

6. Building Effective Health Care Teams.

7. Visionary Leadership in Health Care.

8. Organisational Change and Innovation.

9. Motivating Effective Performance.

Part III: Tools of Health Care Management:.

10. Health Care Finance.

11. Health Economics.

12. Health Information Systems.

13. Health Care Marketing.

14. Total Quality Management.

  • Provides the results of outstanding academic research and assessment of the topics of concern to health care managers.

  • Each chapter is written by an active researcher in the field health care management, many of whom have actual managerial care organizations.

  • Each chapter represents the latest in academic research but is orientated toward applications rather than theory building.