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Handbook of Ion Chromatography

Handbook of Ion Chromatography

Joachim Weiss

ISBN: 978-3-527-61961-0

Jan 2008

931 pages

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The third edition of this standard reference by one of the pioneers in the field has been completely revised and doubled in size to cover the numerous developments with respect to applications and instrumentation. Now running to two volumes, added chapters or sections include:
- A new chapter devoted to ion exchange chromatography
- Hyphenation with mass spectrometry, including ICP/MS
- Applications for analysis of carbohydrates, proteins and nucleic acids
- Validation of ion-chromatographic methods

With its additional new figures and chromatograms, this handbook remains unparalleled in its timeliness and comprehensiveness.
Formal Theory of the Chromatographic Process
Anion-exchange Chromatography (HPIC)
Cation-exchange Chromatography (HPIC)
Ion-exclusion Chromatography (HPICE)
Ion-pair Chromatography (MPIC)
Detection Modes in Ion Chromatography
Quantitative Analysis
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