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Handbook of Monochromatic XPS Spectra: Semiconductors

Handbook of Monochromatic XPS Spectra: Semiconductors

B. Vincent Crist

ISBN: 978-0-471-49266-5 October 2000 568 Pages


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This handbook is one of three containing an invaluable collection of research grade XPS Spectra. Each handbook concentrates on a specific family of materials (the elements and their native oxides, semiconductors and polymers) and is entirely self-contained. The introductory section to each handbook includes comprehensive information about the XPS instrument used, the materials and the advanced methods used to collect the spectra. Energy resolution settings, instrument characteristics, energy referencing methods, traceability, energy scale calibration details and transmission function are all reported.
Among the many valuable features included in each of these handbooks are:
? All spectra were measured by using AlK monochromatic X-rays
? All spectra were collected in a self-consistent manner to maximise data reliability and quality
? All peaks in the wide spectra are fully annotated and accompanied by detailed atom % tables that report BEs for each of the labelled peaks
? Each high-energy resolution spectrum is peak-fitted and accompanied by detailed tables containing binding energies, FWHMs and relative percentages.
In this volume 'Semiconductors' are contained XPS Spectra from a wide range of semiconductive materials and related materials, a rare tool for scientists and analysts in this area.
Exclusive features of this volume include:
? Binding energies are accurate to +/- 0.08eV
? Charge compensation was done with a flood-gun mesh-screen system
? Valence band spectra document the occupied density of states (DOS) and the fundamental electronic nature of the semi-conductive materials analysed
? Analyses were done: "as received", "freshly fractured in air", "ion etched" and "chemically treated"
? Alphabetically organised by chemical abbreviations for ease of locating each material
This handbook is an invaluable reference for materials scientists and electrical engineers in industry, academia and government laboratories interested in the analysis of semiconductors.
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This item: Handbook of Monochromatic XPS Spectra: Semiconductors

Handbook of Monochromatic XPS Spectra: Semiconductors

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Alphabetical Organization of Spectra.
Contents of Each Set of Spectra.
Philosophy of Data Collection Methods.
Peak-Fitting (Curve-Fitting) of High Energy Resolution Spectra.
Charge Compensation of Insulating Materials.
Abbreviations Used.
Experimental Details.
Data Processing Details.
Sample Details.
Energy Resolution Details.
Energy Scale Reference Energies and Calibration Details.
Electron Counting and Instrument Response Function Details.
Effects of Poorly Focusing the Distance between the Sample and the Electron Lens.
Quantitation Details and Choice of 'Sensitivity Exponents'.
Crude Tests of the Reliability of Relative Sensitivity Factors.
Traceability Details.
Reference Papers Describing the Capabilities of X-Probe, M-Probe, and S-Probe XPS Systems.